Zodiac Mule’s & Flats From Louboutin…


Exclusive to Moda Operandi

Fabulous Christian Louboutin has launched a ‘Zodiac Collection’ of highly personable satin shoes, with astrological symbols woven in gold and silver thread.

Available in midnight blue, black and purple silk satin, the Akenana Mule and Rocket Flat are a collaboration designed to commemorate Moda Operandi’s fifth anniversary and was inspired by Louboutin’s own personal interest in horoscopes and astrology (I wonder if he’s checked out Star Sign Style?!)

Only 45 pairs of this limited edition shoe will exist worldwide, and Louboutin will personalize your pair with initials and birth dates to ensure the shoes are totally unique.

The flats are priced at $2,000, the mules are $2,200.

See his horoscope below!



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The Astrology Bit…


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Capricorn Christian…

Sun in Capricorn gives Louboutin an ambitious edge; this sign is dedicated, hardworking and self-motivated, poised to produce something worthy and classic – just like the Louboutin brand!

louboutin-sexMoon in Gemini people are naturally very sociable, interested and creative, they are particularly good with their hands.

Their dual nature is also often drawn to things in pairs – like shoes!

Gemini also has a great affinity with sparkle and showgirl flair, a style which is characteristically Louboutin.

Marry this with a dreamy Neptune in Scorpio and see my favourite pair of stylish stilettos, the nude ‘Sex’ patent shoes.

Venus in Sagittarius loves variety and thinks expansively, born travellers they have a distinct need for personal freedom.

It’s no surprise that this designer draws his inspiration from his roaming adventures, as Venus in Sagittarius people have a taste for different cultures and foreign lands… Louboutin is fascinated by Egypt, the Orient and always collects souvenirs to spark his creativity.

Mercury in Aquarius means he has highly original ideas with a dose of eccentricity; he is ahead of his time and understands what people want – the future trends of fashion and people.

Mars in Leo makes for a passionate, charming and dramatic personality.

Louboutin’s Birth Chart


Christian Louboutin Born 7th January 1963 in Paris, France

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