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Celebrity Astrology – Strongly Scorpio Chloë Sevigny…

Mars Rising in Scorpio too!

Sun In Scorpio ☆ Moon In CapricornVenus In Scorpio ☆ Scorpio Rising

Chloë Stevens Sevigny was born November 18th, 1974 in Springfield, Massachusetts – a Scorpio.

She often described herself as a “loner” and a “depressed teenager”.

Her only extracurricular activity was occasionally skateboarding with her older brother, and she spent most of her free time in her bedroom: “Mostly I sewed. I had nothing better to do, so I made my own clothes.”

Whit Stillman said of Sevigny:

“Chloë is a natural phenomenon. You’re not directing, she’s not performing—it’s just real.”

In terms of her own personal style, Sevigny cited the Australian film Picnic at Hanging Rock, which features schoolgirls dressed in elaborate Victorian clothing, as a major inspiration; she has also cited it as one of her favorite films.

She has also been outspoken in her favoritism of vintage clothing over designer pieces…

Chloë Sevigny’s Birth Chart…

scorpio Chloë Sevigny birth chart

Born 18th November, 1974 At 10.51am In Los Angeles, California…

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