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Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon, Jodie Foster…

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Jodie Foster was an exceptional child star who has carried her success over decades as one of Hollywood’s most respectable actresses.

Let’s take a look at her birth chart to discover more about her Star Sign Style!

Jodie Foster was born Alicia Christian Foster on the 19th November 1962.

An actress, director and producer she launched into the limelight young, in true ‘Sagittarius rising’ style.

Saggy is the sign that’s blessed with a bounce in their step and a bit of extra luck from Jupiter!

Some of the most successful child stars have the sign strong in their chart, read more in Sagittarius – The Perfect Pop Princess.

To younger audiences she was Tallulah in Bugsy, while adults saw her star in films like Taxi.

She progressed into psychological thrillers including Silence of the Lambs and later Panic Room, which reflect her Scorpio stellium – Sun, Mercury, Venus and artistic planet Neptune all transit Scorpio in her chart.

With a Libra Midheaven Jodie comes off as charming, diplomatic and fair, but she has so much more smoldering beneath the surface!

Moon in Virgo is conjunct Uranus, signalling an emotional coolness, and unwillingness to settle, while Mars in Leo (exactly trine the ascendant) adds an extra zeal for drama to her life…

Jodie Foster’s Birth Chart…

jodie foster astrology birth chart

Born 19th November At 8.14 am, 1962 In Los Angeles, California…

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