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Sagittarius Makes The Perfect Pop Princess…


“OK Christina, Lets Find Out Why We’re Officially The BEST Pop Princesses…”

What’s the key to great Sagittarius style? Make it as a pop star while you’re young!

If that doesn’t work try acting.

The exuberant, positive and outgoing nature of Sagittarius lends itself perfectly to a career in the limelight, so much so that those stars can’t wait to come bouncing into the studio – early! Just look at those bright young things born with Sagittarius strong in their chart below…

The two biggest pop princesses from the 90s were Sagittarius born: Christina and Britney, both ‘Mouseketeers’ on US television then singing sensations, were still in school uniforms when making pop videos!


Miley Cyrus had her breakout role with Disney too – they must have recognised her Sagittarius star potential as she had her own show ‘Hannah Montana’, first auditioning at age 11.

The co-creator, Michael Poryes, produced the Disney Channel series That’s So Raven with yet another little one born under the sign of the Archer – Raven-Symoné.

Raven was just four when she first appeared on television in The Cosby Show as Olivia Kendall – didn’t you just love her?

Scarlett Johansson made her film debut at ten years old, as did Christina Applegate and Blossom star Mayim Bialik started young – loved her too – so wanted to be her!

And, at 14, Taylor Swift persuaded her parents to relocate to Nashville so she could pursue her career in country music…

It’s not only Sun in Sagittarius that makes it young though, scroll down to see the famous faces with Sagittarius rising, Moon and Venus in the sign of the Archer…

Sagittarius Pop Stars

Stars born with the Sun in Sagittarius…

britney-spears  Christina Aguilara  miley-cyrus  raven-symone  Scarlett-Johansson-young  christina-applegate  blossom  taylor-swift  rita-ora-sagittarius  Nicki Minaj  jan  katie-holmes  vanessa-hudgens

☆ Britney Spears ☆ Christina Aguilara ☆ Miley Cyrus ☆ Raven Symone ☆ Scarlett Johansson ☆ Christina Applegate ☆ Mayim Bialik ☆ Taylor Swift ☆ Rita Ora ☆ Niki Minaj ☆ Nelly Furtado ☆ Janelle Monae ☆ Katie Holmes ☆ Alyssa Milano ☆ Vanessa Hudgens ☆ Jo Jo ☆

Venus In Sagittarius

Bella_Thorne  kendall-jenner-kardashian-astrology   vanessa-paradis  emman-bunton

☆ Bella Thorne ☆ Katy Perry ☆ Kendall Kardashian ☆ Vanessa Paradis ☆ Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton – youngest of the Spice Girls ☆

Moon In Sagittarius

emma-watson  billie-piper   katy-perry

Emma Watson ☆ Billie Piper ☆ Katy Perry ☆

Sagittarius Rising

Remember Catherine Zeta Jones in The Darling Buds of May? You’ll know that Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor and Jodie Foster were child stars…

catherine-zeta-jones  shirley-temple  elizabeth-taylor  jodie-foster  mila-astrology  gwen

Catherine Zeta Jones ☆ Shirley Temple ☆ Elizabeth Taylor ☆ Jodie Foster ☆ Mila Kunis ☆ Gwen Stefani

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