Libra Hollywood Silver Screen Stars…

Leading Ladies Born Under The Zodiac Sign Libra!

Scroll down to see a list of Libra Hollywood stars from yesteryear…


Rita Hayworth, Hollywood Hottie!

The Libra actresses of yesteryear were much like their star sign sisters today – poised, beautiful and balanced. 



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Here’s the lovely Libra Brigitte Bardot moving gracefully in many Libra-style guises, including Grecian dress and bride-to-be

Libra Hollywood Stars…


brigitte-Bardot  anita-ekberg  rita-hayworth-astrology  Annette-Funicello-astrology

☆ Brigitte Bardot 28th September 1934 ☆ Anita Ekberg 29 September 1931 ☆ Deborah Kerr 30 September 1921 ☆ Rita Hayworth 17th October 1918 ☆ Annette Funicello 22nd October 1942 ☆

hollywoodGo back to Hollywood to see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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