New moon and full moon practices – work with the lunar phases to be in the rhythm of nature! ReNEW with the new moon and realise FULLy with the full moon…

Here are some rituals to get you started on your journey, marking the moon-moment, but first, lets clarify the meaning of a ritual.

What Is A Ritual?

A ritual is a ceremony that can be religious or solemn, and consists of a series of actions performed in a particular order.

Some people consider putting makeup on to be ‘a ritual’ of their morning routine, while others consider their exercise practice to be ‘ritualistic’. A funeral ceremony is a ritual following death – the term encompasses a broad range of activities.

The Cambridge Dictionary describes rituals: “a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony”.

So what makes for a good new or full moon ritual?

Well, it’s important to understand the lunar cycle in all its complexity, the waxing and waning and its symbolism of growth and of diminishing light. Read: Your Guide To The Lunar Cycle, here.

When Do The Rituals Come Into Effect?

Lunar rituals can follow a few different cycles, which will vary –

  • The Lunar Gestation Cycle, which is a 2 and a quarter (or 27 month) period,
  • The Six Month Lunar Cycle, and
  • Some work with the Monthly Lunar Cycle, a moon phase of 29 and a half days – or a two week cycle from new moon to full moon.

Astrologically, planting seeds of intention with the new moon in Aries sees those desires fruitfully manifest with a full moon in Aries during Libra season, however if you want to work in a shorter time frame you may work with the monthly Lunar Cycle.