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Rihanna’s Baby Birth Chart May 13 2022…

The newborn Taurus was born on her Venus Return!

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their baby boy on May 13th 2022, so the little newborn is a Taurus!

Let’s see his Star Sign Style!

Rihanna’s first baby was born just before an Eclipse – the Full Moon in Scorpio, but instead with a lovely Libra Moon.

This means both his Sun and Moon answer to Venus, as both these Zodiac Signs are governed by the planet of the arts, friendship, beauty and love.

It’s no surprise Rihanna’s son will be surrounded by these themes in early life: music but also beautification, as the singers business ventures include both make-up, skincare and fashion… 

With this start in life he’s well placed to work in these fields, too, and with Uranus co-present he has the potential to revolutionise the industry in some way! With the Sun-North Node together we can anticipate the baby is destined to hold court, though we might say this is a new role for him, something to step into that’s his destiny (but that might not be totally natural). Mars and Neptune both sextile the Sun lend extra creativity, artistic merit and cultural awareness – he will be tapped into trends and what’s collectively moving.

Note the little one has Venus at 12º02′ Aries?

Rihanna has her Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Aries too! Her Moon is at 11º07′ and Venus at 12º56′, which means she was having her Venus Return! What a gift!

They will share an incredibly special bond, not only with their Aries signature, but with their communication planet Mercury both in the same element, air.

Note too, that Rihanna has the North Node at 23º11′ Pisces, while the baby has the Sun conjunct North Node at 22º, signalling a potential karmic link.

Although Rihanna will be having her Jupiter Return next year, we can take this new chapter as representative of a new beginning, and new Jupiter Cycle – she is stepping into her new role as Mother!

Rihanna’s Baby Birth Chart…

Born May 13th 2022, In Los Angeles…

Rihanna’s Birth Chart…

Born 20th February, 1988 In Saint Michael, Barbados…

Sweet Synastry!

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