Patrizia Gucci Birth Chart… Born On A New Moon!

Born on a Sagittarius New Moon...

Patrizia Gucci was born Patrizia Reggiani Thursday, December 2nd, 1948 at 7.30 am in Vignola, Italy. cites this data (birth time, birth date and place) as a “AA” score, meaning it’s very accurate.

It also gives this notorious individual a Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Ascendant!

Triple Threat…

With the luminaries in the sign of the Archer, as well as Mercury and Sagittarius Rising, there is a lot to be said for this significance and expression of this sign.

Sagittarius is an exuberant, risk adverse sign of passion and visionary potential.

In the recent House of Gucci movie (all about Patrizia and her husband, Maurizio and the luxury fashion brand)

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Your Full Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…

Venus sits with Jupiter in Taurus, and both conspire with Neptune on this prosperous day!

It’s worth noting that the chart ruler and the governing planet of all these celestial bodies is Jupiter.

In the chart, Jupiter appears (debilitated) in Capricorn – so a little lacklustre. It’s also conjunct Mars…

Mars is the action planet and red-hot indicator of anger and drive, and appears in a trine to the Taurus North Node in Patrizia’s chart (soon to be activated by the Eclipses).

We obviously know how this story ends.

Though not shown in the birth chart below, Venus in Scorpio is conjunct the South Node.

Venus is in detriment in this Zodiac Sign, meaning it’s not exactly comfortable in the slow, still waters of Scorpio. 

Lady Gaga has her Moon in Scorpio, so was really able to express the jealous, possessive streak to this placement.

Patrizia Reggiani born December 2nd, 1948 at 7.30 am in Vignola, Italy via AstroTheme

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