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Scorpio Pete Davidson Birth Chart & Astrology Analysis…

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Born under the zodiac sign Scorpio, Pete Davidson was born Tuesday November 16th, 1993 in Staten Island, New York.

Because we do not have a birth time we can’t 100% say his Moon Sign is Capricorn.

In fact, if Davidson was born before 8.35 am he would be a Sagittarius Moon / Sagittarius Rising (Libra Midheaven), which I kind of think suits him given his frame.

Born before 7.19 am he would be Sagittarius Moon / Scorpio Rising…

Given he has Mars in Sagittarius it’s a hard call. Sagittarius Ascendant can be quite tall and large! And, if he had a Libra Midheaven it would explain why he is ‘known’ for his relationships and romantic partners (including Libra Kim Kardashian)!

However, we would need confirmation of a birth time.

We do know, that his Sun is tightly conjunct Pluto, a prolific signature and hugely interesting, as he is now experiencing a sextile from transiting Pluto to his Sun-Pluto conjunction, compounding his power, prominence and fame.

Not only is Pete a Scorpio Sun and Pluto, his Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all in this sign too, creating a strong line-up called a stellium.

This gathering of planets assembled in Scorpio bring a big draw to the themes of this zodiac sign, which we know is the time of Halloween, long dark nights, and when we remember our ancestors and those who have passed.

Pete’s father was a New York City firefighter, who died in service during the September 11th attacks in 2001, something that was massively impactful to the star.

There are many moments on his Wikipedia Page, which would take deep investigation, and I will take a further look at his potential Annual Profections for more clues!

Pete Davidson Birth Chart…

Pete Davidson born 16th November 1993 In Staten Island NY, Via AstroTheme

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