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September 2018 – Your Monthly Horoscope

Back to school vibes with Virgo, but we soon slip into something oh so fluffy with Libra Season...

The material realms are supporting us as we enter the new month.

Stars align in the earth element: productive Virgo, grounded Taurus and industrious Capricorn. Progress and getting onto steady ground is likely, with high achieving Mars in direct motion, thrusting ahead after his retrograde spell.

September feels like the calm before the storm, however, as we prepare for Venus retrograde.

The planet governing what we care about most will force us to review our values, our wants, and our desires during October and November. For now, we can prepare by enjoying what has already flourished – particularly over the last 11 months. The new moon September 9th (2.01 pm EST) signals the best time to assess, and begin laying positive foundations.

The full moon Monday the 24th (10.52 pm EST) is hot, headstrong, and even a little uncomfortable. It’s possible to naively identify our hurts on this dynamic day. But a better use would be to reveal how we’ve bravely overcome – and thrived – through unique challenges. At best, we’ll lead by example.

Full Moon | New Moon

  • New Moon In Virgo September 9th (2.01 pm EST)
  • Full Moo in Aries Monday the 24th (10.52 pm EST)

September 2018 Monthly Horoscope


Health, wellness, work efforts and your daily habits are topical as you enter the new month, Aries. You can diligently put your best face forward, ambitiously striving ahead on your chosen path. Special friends or lovers show their support and loyalty, as your sense of partnership grows strong – enjoy the deepening sense of trust and commitment.

From the 11th, a shift in the stars adds a more sociable slant to operations. You’ll become more active in your community, potentially revisiting some friendly encounters or actions taken among colleagues in mid-May. Relationships become ever more significant for you from the 23rd; allow others to boost your confidence in a crowd. Though it may feel uncomfortable, claim the spotlight on September 24th – a special day to be visible in a group setting.


September’s significant for Taurus, as you’re invited to secure solid foundations for your most important partnerships – an exercise that will last throughout the year. Embrace and enjoy spending time with those you value – particularly after the 9th. The 12th is an erratic point in the calendar, yet be willing to embrace uncertainty.

You’ve plenty of enthusiasm for broader personal ventures, which has positive repercussions across all your interests – from dating to artistic hobbies, creative projects, sports and fun outings. Indulge in a sense of play, Taurus, refreshing and invigorating what you love!

It’s easy to take action around your career–and towards your goals–from the 11th, and you’ll enter a busy cycle from the 23rd. However the 24th warrants a pause, encouraging you to reflect on your worldly direction.


The first few days of September can be brilliant fun, with warmth, friendship and affection – especially Saturday the 1st! From the 6th you’re drawn towards home and healing, with a focus on domestic or family life, which serves to strengthen commitments and your private bonds, Gemini.

There’s a fresh start within your space on the 9th, which is intertwined with your daily habits, work life or sense of self-care. This is the month to make resolutions around grounding yourself in a positive routine; you can begin to take pleasure in ways your everyday practices and awareness around wellness has grown, this year.

From the 11th you can revisit an overseas connection, while from the 22nd truly enjoying yourself can be paramount, as passions are stimulated. Take time among your peers September 24th!


September holds opportunities to refresh your closest ties – from partners in love or business, to the friends you work, rest or play with. There’s a focus on these primary relationships, which can go from strength to strength as the month unfolds. The 9th fosters an intense connection with those deemed important, and you’ll find that interactions can deepen, thereafter.

However you might like to maintain a fun, flirtatious dynamic, as creative impulses, and your passionate streak is coming into its own. You’ve a long stretch ahead to indulge yourself, so settle in. From Sunday the 23rd home becomes a welcome source of calm, though you’re called to be visible on the 24th. Express gratitude to friends that lend their support but show the world you can go your own way.


Your usual tasks and commitments could feel extra entering September, with emphasis on the practicalities of everyday life, including your income and workload. The 7th holds potential for overwhelm or confusion – evident in yourself or others; navigate with care. By the 9th you should have a better handle on finances and can begin to take pleasure in the security that’s flourished at home; approach your role with confidence, Leo.

Close personal relationships become increasingly significant from the 11th, which is also a great day to feel empowered in your position and surroundings. You might find yourself returning to partners that were prominent in May, with potential for closure. Monday September 24th broadens your outlook, and you can enjoy a sense of adventure with someone special. For the remainder of the month social dynamics thrive.

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The pace moves swiftly in September yet it’s worth slowing down to affirm your sense of self-worth, Virgo. Focus on your personal image and own what it is you enjoy – and who it is you like. You’ve an increased sense of self from the 6th, and the chance to concentrate on you. Money and earnings can create a little friction around the 8th, yet this is also a fun weekend to engage with your inner circle.

Around the 14th it could be a confusing time for relationships, and yet there’s also a sense of closeness, stability and affection available. The 21st steers attention your way while the 24th emphasizes your most private bonds – and how to help maintain positive relations. The last week of the month proves you’re incredibly effective in your role.


September begins on a highly sociable note, however it’s a good time to gain closure, too. Embrace a sense of privacy and quiet solitude, particularly the weekend of the 8th when you might be keen to incubate, wholly engaged with home or family matters.

Life promises fun from the 11th, and you’re then tasked with balancing work and play. There’s a focus on the job that you do, your role or income, which has grown significantly this year. You could feel restless in your position on the 12th; dig deep and you’ll soon find stability.

Clarity arrives on Sunday the 23rd, when the sun and chatty Mercury enter your sign bringing you plenty to smile about. Energy is high yet you may ruffle feathers with your zealous enthusiasm, so embrace special partners, too!


Your social set, company of peers or network is spotlighted in weeks ahead, Scorpio, as you’re inspired to get out and mingle! The weekend of the 7th holds opportunities to circulate, and despite wanting to escape the crowd you can find relief in connection.

From the 11th you’ve reason to go inward, as your ruler Mars dives into your nesting zone. You’ll be better equipped to take action around home life, gaining closure on pertinent domestic issues from this summer by the 27th. Personal growth is also emphasized from the 9th, with awareness around new ventures you’ve embraced; indulge your interests among trusted friends.

If you need to take a step back from work commitments you can in the last week of the month, however you’re needed on the 24th.


You’re visible to others in September, so drive ahead with determination, setting ambitious goals on the 9th. Demonstrate just how effective you can be, Sagittarius; it’s time to show your productive side in action, with your position at large fuelled by an impressive inner resolve.

You’ve been transforming this year, with a journey inward providing rich insight for your next stage of evolution. This may be incredibly apparent around the 11th and 12th, while the 16th delivers a mouthpiece for your metamorphosis. Embrace a sense of closure in your private life, taking time out for gentle reflection, enjoying a pocket of solitude on the 13th and 14th.

From the 23rd social activities fill the frame, with opportunities for passion throughout the last week of the month. Balance friendly encounters with more intimate fun.


After a bit of a personal hiatus, September sees you swing back into action, Capricorn, particularly from the 7th. The 9th allows you to focus on a journey that’s connected to your philosophies, beliefs or education – or quite literally travel! Your sense of connection and outlook is particularly strong at this time, so focus on how you wish to develop and learn. Aim far and wide.

Work and money is emphasized from the 11th and then more so from the 23rd. Your attention is also steered towards your community, to the peers and fellows that have grown in significance around you. A sociable streak sees you through the rest of the year, and you can gravitate towards the trusted friends you value.

Home truths are revealed on Monday the 24th, a day which could feel uncomfortable.


Continue to commit to developing yourself within the framework of partnerships, digging deep into your own healing journey, Aquarius. September opens with your private life and inner world in focus, as you lean towards trust and sharing – particularly the weekend of the 8th.

The week of the 10th begins to steer you back on track, with an increase to your energy–at last­–and more visibility for your career or profile. How you come across in your position is a hot topic throughout the remainder of the year, and you can now begin to ascertain how you’d ideally like to present yourself to the world at large.

The last week of the month sees you soaring, with a strong connection to others near and far. Regain an adventurous spirit, and begin to spread your wings.


You can thrive in September – but do so at a gentle pace, Pisces! Working with others is favorable, with a great focus on collaborations and partnership – there’s the potential for your energy to be diverted or to dip from the 11th.

You might take a step back from social activities, colleagues or peers, inevitably relying more on important relationships. It’s likely you’ll become more invested as the month unfolds, so be open to sharing the load, demonstrating trust and commitment. While it’s important to team up on the weekend of the 22nd, the 24th spotlights the efforts you’ve made to contribute independently.

From the 9th you’ll be inclined to start enjoying ventures that have grown in importance this year; a long and winding road brings this journey to fruition later in 2018.

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