Stars In My Eyes, Crystals In My Bra… Why I Love Chakra Intimates SO Much…


Why I Love Chakra Intimates SO Much!

So, I discovered Chakra Intimates in an Instagram rabbit-hole, knee-deep in beautiful images of crystals and all that makes Insta so tantalising…

We’ve seen a whole host of crystal infused products in the past twelve months, including a fragrance from Kim Kardashian West, bottled to look like clear quartz, the quartz nail trend, crystal facials, and both niche and mainstream brands adding micro crystal blends to their offering.

Katy Perry apparently sleeps with a crystal in hand, Victoria Beckham uses them backstage at fashion shows, while there are countless hilarious memes of reality star Spencer Pratt touting his crystal obsession….

So What Is Crystal Healing And What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystal healing is basically using crystals or gem stones to enhance the energy of your body or surroundings. Working with your energy field, crystals can absorb or direct negative energies – you can either place them on your body, keep them on your person or live alongside them in your space. Some people believe crystals can be so powerful they can help heal people from addictions, and I myself have had some pretty incredible experiences with them.

In 2009 I had a bad accident on my right hand, and I returned to work when it was still causing me a lot of pain. I didn’t realise but my boss at the time was a crystal healer, and she took a piece of rose quartz and literally removed the searing pain and piercing ache.

The sensation felt like rice pops, crackling along my fingers as all discomfort was dragged out of my hand.

Had I not had this experience personally I’m sure I wouldn’t believe it but because it did, and I can’t deny it, I do believe that people can use certain stones in the most magnificent ways. The lady told me as she was doing this work she had visions of me as a child, hitting my chin (which I didn’t remember, but my mum later confirmed). It goes to show crystals can potentially unlock old trauma – when used by the right people.

I don’t think it’s easy to develop this skill and it’s not something I’ve pursued but I do love having my selenite lamp and wand near my desk, and lots of crystals all over my desk and bedroom.

Rose quartz is said to bring about harmony in ones love life if kept on the night stand, which is where I have a salt lamp, however I did keep this as instructed for years!

How To Work With Crystals

One of the most important things about using a crystal is to become acquainted with it, to meditate with it and hold it close.

It’s best to keep crystals in places where you actually spend time, to keep them close by so they’re able to heighten and enhance your energy. This is one of the reasons I love the beautiful lingerie from Chakra Intimates – the crystals are pretty much on your person!

Recharging Your Crystals

Just like your phone battery, it’s important to recharge your healing crystals and the very best time to do this is on the full moon.

Otherwise you can charge crystals in sunlight once a week, boosting their properties, and when you first buy your crystal wash it in a salt bath to cleanse it.

What Are The Chakras?

The chakras are seven centres of spiritual power in the human body, which energy flows through. They make particularly effective places to work with crystals (the Chakra Intimates bra for example aligns with the solar plexus).

Read my guide to Astrology And The Chakras, here.

What Makes Chakra Intimates So Special?

Firstly the lace on their underwear is truly divine – pics to follow if I’m brave enough to show you it ON!

Secondly, the garments feature a small crystal, strategically placed either on the heart chakra, solar plexus, root or sacral chakra, with new pieces to the collection cover the throat and third eye chakras as well.

Keeping you covered, from root to third eye…

If you were wondering, no matter how large or small a gemstone is you can absorb its energy.

And third of all, this brand is ethical, eco-friendly and sexy! A fair-trade manufacturer, the garments are made with natural and sustainable fabrics – these divine pieces are totally eco chic, so you can feel really, really good wearing them – and not simply because of their healing crystal properties!


Crystals are simply beautiful tools to be used in addition to spiritual practices, which will help to enhance your lifestyle – crystals are not a ‘solution’.

Surrounding yourself in a cave of crystals will do nothing if you behave poorly towards others, or don’t take positive action to grow and improve your life.

Some people feel the effect of these stones strongly, while to others they are an aesthetic pleasure – and that’s fine too.



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