Top 5 Things To Do On A Full Moon…


How best to spend a Full Moon?

Welcome to your ultimate guide to the top activities for those Full Moon days and nights…

The tides are high and la Lune is shining at her brightest in the sky.

What are the best things to do on a Full Moon and why? What does it mean when luna is at her fullest?

Well, this moon phase signifies completion and actualization.

The moon has been growing (or waxing) and is now at its optimum fullness. Any activities started or intentions set at the new moon six months before might well come to fruition. Or an even bigger cycle could be completed that you might not even be aware of…

It’s a good time to set intentions of release now, as the tides of change move into a ‘letting go’ phase, and the moon begins to wane.

Remember to manifest things you DO want with the new moon, taking action in the waxing phase of the lunar cycle.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of fun things to do, it’s time to celebrate!

We’ve made it through another month and the sky is lit up making it easy for us to find our path in the darkness (after one too many a Moonshine perhaps?!) So here are things to do on a full moon – my favorite suggestions!


1. Charge Your Crystals!

Did you know that the full moon phase is the best moment of the month and lunar cycle to charge your crystals? Simply leave them outside your back door, on your garden table, on your window sill or if it’s not possible to leave them in direct moonlight you can keep them inside your house by a glass window.

2. Absorb The Moonlight

Did you know that skin is more absorbent in the days leading up to, and on the Full Moon?

That’s right, the body is in healing mode during this phase of the lunar cycle, so it soaks up whatever you slather on, gathers energy, grows and heals.

And, just as the Sun offers vitamin D, moonlight distributes its own energy, which can help us to reconnect us to nature if we let it!

Quite possibly the very best activity (well, it’s my number one choice) is to take in beautiful restorative oils through a therapeutic massage.

The Alila hotel in Bali offers very special moonlit treatments in an outdoor spa tent, harnessing every drop of lunar energy available!


Read more about Moonlight Remedies or see all my spas of choice, here.

3. Get Your Hair Did…

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It’s thought that the pull of our Earth’s stunning satellite has some sway on the growth of organisms on our little planet.

I for one think it makes sense (have you watched any David Attenborough lately?) It’s not just farmers and gardeners that can take heed, hairdressers should listen up too!


Our lovely locks grow in harmony with la lune, and a Full Moon is meant to be a great day to trim your barnet! That is if you want your hair to grow thicker, faster and longer.

Read more in Moon Beauty: Your Guide To Luna Hair Care.

4. Go Crazy!

Howl at the Moon or at least let your hair down like a werewolf and party on the Full Moon!

With up to 30,000 people joining each month, the most renowned Full Moon party is in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Originally, a group of tourists arranged a party along the crescent shaped beach of Haad Rin, to celebrate the beautiful Full Moon that could be seen.


But you don’t have to be anywhere near there to have a good time!

There’s a jolly good reason why lunatics were linked to the Moon you know. It’s proven that we all go a little crazy in sync with the Moon’s phases – especially on a Full Moon!

See the Best Rooftop Bars for Moonlit Moments, here or if you’re sensitive AVOID the booze completely!

5. Ride The Waves OR Hit The Slopes…

The full moon is a time of high energy, perfect for burning off calories in the great outdoors.

Want to see the Moon’s silvery rays bouncing off bright white snow? Of course you do!

Winter sports enthusiasts and luna lovers should definitely head to La Clusaz for the fantastic Full Moon party, which has been going since 2003!

Ski under the stars at this French resort, as the mountain bars and restaurants, come together to celebrate another wonderful month. La Clusaz is located in the Alps next to the Swiss border. For the next Full Moon party or upcoming dates for your diary visit and get more information.

Read How To Night Surf, here….

You can also surf the waves or simply spectate, watching night surfing demos at Keramas beach in the southwest of Bali, Indonesia.

Under custom-built lights, experienced surfers take to the waves when the swell is up, with international surfers putting on a show, including epic aerial stunts. Competitions take place between teams of surfers, vying for the night surfing title.

Visit for more information.

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