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Her Harlequin Hotness – Sagittarius, The Zodiac’s Clown…

The Sagittarius fashion style? They Love clownin’ around… This fun loving fire sign is suited to the outrageous, bold and bright…

The ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is a zodiac sign aligned with adventure and expansiveness.

Ruled by Jupiter, those with this sign prominent can exhibit a truly joyous and enthusiastic vibe – and let their fashion and dress align with an extrovert, colourful and fun image.

Often likened to a bouncing Tigger because of their uplifting, excitable nature, Sagittarius is positive and upbeat.

See the top comediennes born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign below!

They love clowning around and as such, suit loud, bold clothes that make a big impression.


Niki Minaj Shows Her Sagittarius Side At Fashion Week (Yes, She Wore THIS To Fashion Week)

Julie Delphy, A Little More Understated But Still A Bold Fire Sign Print!

Sagittarius suits show stopping style all the way – they don’t suit dour and can totally get away with the outrageous.

Niki Minaj takes this to the extreme! Check out Rita Ora too, who is often seen in the brightest outfits – not for the faint-hearted. See more.

More From Miley…

All The Fun Of The Fair! Sagittarius Fashion…


Sun in Sagg Miley Cyrus nails a bright bold look every time.

Find out what else her birth chart reveals about her unique Star Sign Style. Read: Miley Cyrus Astro Analysis

Sun In Sagittarius, Funny Hunnies


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Moon In Sagittarius, Sun In Gemini

sagittarius-Joan-Rivers   Sandra-Bernhard

Joan Rivers And Sandra Bernhard…

As the trickster of the zodiac, it’s no surprise that Gemini make quick witted and mentally agile comediennes. This is the communicator extrodinare of the zodiac, as Joan Rivers proves time and again!

Sandra Bernhard is another wit with Sun in Gemini, and a Sagittarius Moon supporting her penchant for clowning around.

When excessive is TOO much…

Sagittarius Christina… Joke? No Joke.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is a bouncing, bountiful, exuberant, extrovert sign, which can of course, at times be excessive.

We know that too much of a good thing can make us sick, and that definitely resonates in the style stakes.

Keep a fresh bounce in the step of a Sagittarian, heavy make-up isn’t your style.

The ‘clowning around’ look goes a hop and a skip too far when let loose.

Don’t run riot!

What do you think is the Sagittarius fashion trademark?

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