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Taurus Hollywood Silver Screen Stars…

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Taurus Actress Audrey Hepburn…


Venus ruled Taurus are natural singers and dancers, no doubt you’ve seen Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and she was a proficient dancer, performing ballet prior to her career in acting.

ann-margretIt wasn’t only Hepburn who came across the water to the states after WWII, Ann-Margret came from Sweden and wowed American audiences with her swinging sensuality…

Talk About Tenacious

Ann-Margaret’s career was almost cut short when she fell 22 ft from a Las Vegas stage. When she awoke from a coma her mouth was wired shut but she was back on her feet within a year!

This is one Hollywood trooper…

Beauty Bettie Page


Pretty As A Picture


Taurus Shirley Temple looked perfect in pastel shades. This child star born 23rd April 19 had Venus and Mercury in Aries, Moon in Gemini but a Taurus Sun shining brightly… Read more about the best colour for Taurus in Pretty In Pink 

Taurus Hollywood Stars

☆ Bettie Mae Page 22nd April 1923 ☆ Shirley Temple 23 April 1928 ☆ Ann-Margret Olsson 28th April 1941 ☆ Audrey Hepburn 4th May 1929 ☆ 12th May 1907 ☆

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