Your New Moon In Aquarius Rituals…

Radical Refresh: Pause To Set Intentions, Make Wishes, And Review Progress...

Write Down Or Clearly Affirm What You Hope To Bring About Or Manifest…

It’s Aquarius Season and so the New Moon naturally occurs and resets the dial in Aquarius. Now, the Moon aligns at the same degree as the Aquarius Sun!

Read your horoscope for this lunation here, and use the stars on this day of still, dark and quiet to really work the celestial weather…

As a rule of thumb, New Moon’s are times to:

  • Set intentions, plants seeds, plan and go within,
  • Be still, grateful for what already exists,
  • Silently use your intuition to glean what more might occur,
  • Let go of expectations, release, surrender and exhale…

Here are my top 5 tips for the Aquarius New Moon…

It’s Aquarius Season

1. Embrace New Wave… Experiment!

The New Wave (La Nouvelle Vague) is a French art film movement characterised by its rejection of traditional filmmaking in favour of experimentation.

Filmmakers explored new approaches to editing, visual style, and narrative, as well as engaging social and political upheavals, making use of irony, or exploring existential themes.

The New Wave is often considered one of the most influential movements in the history of cinema, favouring innovation over craft and tradition…

A ‘Grande Dame of the French New Wave’, as a young woman Jeanne Moreau kept her acting a secret from her disapproving father – when he found out, he hit her and kicked her out. She was a rule-breaker on and off screen. 

At this New Moon we can adopt a spirit of trial and be unafraid of error! We can step outside our comfort zone and think outside the box. We can experiment with colour, texture, sound and art in ways that are radically creative!

New wave music is a genre that encompasses many styles from the late 70s and the 80s, with a quirky approach. The use of electronic sounds, and a distinctive visual style featured in music videos and fashion…

Embrace eccentricity and differentness.

The outsider, the oddball, the one who goes against the grain towards alternative styles that are out of the ordinary and convention, Aquarius is an energy that produces a look that revolutionises what’s known. 

2. Open The Windows! And Look At The Bigger Picture…

One of the most basic ways to evoke fresh thinking is to open up your world and get a bird’s eye view, which at the moment is hard – we need even more imagination.

Open the curtains and even burst open the windows at New Moon, bringing in fresh air to stagnant corners; use a little sage to cleanse and purify, light a white candle and fill your space with music.

3. Get Socially Active – Including Online!

Ashton Kutcher is an actor, entrepreneur, tech investor and philanthropist.

He’s also an Aquarius, with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and the Midheaven all in Aquarius. With Jupiter rising in Gemini, Pluto and the North Node in Libra, he has a strong air trine.

Alongside Demi Moore, he founded Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children. This is an international anti-human trafficking organisation focused on using technology to affect positive changes in the world, namely fighting the sexual exploitation of children.

Kutcher has been identified as a leading innovator, who is not above making major errors.

Ask yourself, what causes in the community are you helping support? This does not have to be financially driven. From taking recyclables to the local bank, to donating food or money to those less fortunate, everything counts. Fighting social injustice has never been more prevalent, helping create pathways out of poverty and crisis for those less fortunate.

Advocate for change, commit to a humanitarian endeavour. You will radiate with beauty, likability, and carry peace of mind that you’re partaking in society in ways that are positive. It’s never been more important to support organisations than now.

4. Be A Star!


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The New Moon is a time of anticipation. We can now trust that spring is on its way as we lay in wait.

There’s a strength and responsibility to Aquarius energy, a sense of hope that’s strong. We can harness a knowing, direction, and a promise that’s close.

Imagery of the star can be used to denote our gaze steered upwards in anticipation, expectant, optimistic with notions of freedom!


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Aquaria, Sun, Mars, Uranus in Aquarius & Aquarius Rising…

The Sun is the ruling celestial guide for Leo, the sign opposite Aquarius on the wheel of the Zodiac. However, encourage Aquarius to have their moment in the spotlight. After all, their Tarot card is The Star.

Aquaria (seen above) is an artist with Sun, Mars, and Uranus in Aquarius – and Aquarius Rising!

The performer also has Venus in Aries sextile Uranus, and North Node in beauty aficionado sign Libra…

“And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the endless skies, my love…”

Roberta Flack, Sun, Moon, And Aquarius Rising…

Channel the beauty of the Tarot, and the Star…

Keep the faith, maintain your purpose and spirituality, and go your own way!

5. Plan Ahead, With Ways To Be Different, Daring, Radical!

In February, the Moon sidles up to the Sun in the cool, Water Bearer’s sign.

New moons are quiet times of the lunar cycle when the Moon joins the Sun to honour the Zodiac sign of the season with a special concentrated focus. 

Above and beyond the nuances of your own astrological transits, we can all seek to plant seeds. Find the peace to bring intention around how to do things differently.

The Aquarius New Moon always falls in line with Lunar New Year, a major new beginning in eastern culture.

We only get one New Moon in Aquarius (though this year sees two Aquarius Full Moons!)

What’s more, there’s major attention on this area of the chart with a whopping six planets in this sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury (Retrograde), Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Themes should be very apparent and obvious!

Again, your horoscope is here.

Lana Turner in The Postman Always Rings Twice, Aquarius Sun, Moon and Midheaven…

Start working on your goals by writing lists of what might be!

This is a window of opportunity to manifest, plan and evoke change.

The New Moon could be an important moment that helps us see next steps of a journey. Seek out innovative solutions beyond present circumstances…

 From the company you keep to your own physical appearance, listen to your inner knowing, your inner guidance, and your inner wisdom. Ask for answers and they will be given!

Celebrities Born On A New Moon In Aquarius…

Ashton Kutcher, Ariel Winter, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jeanne Moreau, Roberta Flack, Christie Brinkley, Lana Turner, Angela Davis, Edward Van Halen, Ice-T and Sarah Palin… Follow along on Instagram!

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