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Sigrid Agren, Via Flickr

Taurus models, like Libra, are blessed with the benefit of Venus rulership.

With the planet of beauty and romance overseeing things, those born under this sign are at ease most when pleasantries abound.

Luxury trappings and congenial surroundings are perfection for the Bull, grazing peacefully in the meadow.

Taurus Models jessica Stam

Blooming Beautiful, Sun In Taurus Jessica Stam

Iconic Linda Evangelista

Sign of sensuality and stability, this lot are never happier than when they’re fed, watered and all set with a playlist of sweet music, scents and scatter cushions!

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Clockwise From Top Left: Linda Evangelista, Anais Pouliot, Behati Prinsloo, Laetitia Casta And Veruschka…

Just as Libra likes harmony, Taurus takes comfort and security over anything else…

Taurus models should be pampered to an extent.

It won’t take a lot to have them sated, just make sure they’re secure and comfortable. They’re also the financiers of the zodiac, so show them the money and you’ll have them smiling from ear to ear.


Tenacious Taurus Beauty…

Anais Pouliot, Arlenis Sosa and Rianne Ten Haken – three mega models born on the same day, the 7th May!


And Laetitia Casta, Julia Hafstrom and Eniko Mihalik , all born the 11th May… Beautiful Days.

Tenacious Taurus Models…

☆ Kim Noorda 22nd April 1986 ☆ Jessica Stam 23rd April 1986 ☆ Sigrid Agren 24th April 1991 ☆ Emanuela de Paula 25th April 1989 ☆ Melania Trump 26th April 1970 ☆ Linn Arvidsson 1st May 1994 ☆ Ymre Stiekema 3rd May 1992 ☆ Kimora Lee Simmons 4th May 1975 ☆ Raquel Zimmermann 6th May 1983 ☆ Rianne Ten Haken 7th May 1986 ☆ Arlenis Sosa 7th May 1989 ☆ Anais Pouliot 7th May 1991 ☆ Marte Mei van Haaster 8th May 1992 ☆ Linda Evangelista 10th May 1965 ☆ Karmen Pedaru 10th May 1990 ☆ Laetitia Casta 11th May 1978 ☆ Julia Hafstrom 11th May 1992 ☆ Eniko Mihalik 11th May 1987 ☆ Iris Egbers 12th May 1992 ☆ Veruschka 14th May 1939 ☆ Behati Prinsloo 16th May 1989 ☆ Britt Maren 17th May 1990 ☆ Grace Jones 19th May 1948 ☆ Ju Xiao Wen 19th May 1989 ☆

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