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Taurus Penélope Cruz…

Aries Rising with Mars & Moon in Cancer, Venus Exalted in Pisces...

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Penelope via Flickr

Gorgeous icon, Penélope Cruz is a household name and Hollywood favourite.

It’s got me wondering… What’s her Star Sign Style?

Though she’s an earthy Taurus beauty, Penélope Cruz has a blend of the earthy Bull and lots of watery influences, courtesy of beauty planet Venus in Pisces, which in aligns perfectly with the feminine moon in emotionally attuned Cancer.

Venus in Pisces is a lovely placement for Taureans, softening their steadfast ways with a flexible, compassionate tone. Both of these zodiac signs are considered more yin than yang, attuned to the arts, gentle and receptive.

Sensual Taurus knows what pleases, while Pisces is the artist, the poet, the sign most able to lend a compassionate sensitivity to the good taste of the Bull.

The Moon in Cancer is very sensitive and motherly, with hot-headed Mars in the mix you can expect some high emotional drama and turbulent mood swings – passionate and steamy…

Both Venus and the Moon sit at 22 degrees of the water signs – beautifully aligned, see the natal chart below…

Mercury in Taurus is slow and sweet sounding.

The Midheaven of the chart falls in Capricorn, giving an air of responsibility and hardworking ethic.

Penelope’s Co-Ordinates

Penélope Cruz’s Birth Chart


Born 28th April 1974 at 7.00am in Alcobendas, Spain…

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