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Mercury In Taurus – Celebrities And Style…



People born when Mercury was in Taurus will speak slowly and surely.

They might have a beautiful quality to their voice and make good singers, after all, Taurus is one of the two Venus-ruled signs so there’s a touch of grace and beauty with a planet in Taurus!

This lot might well seem stubborn. They are likely to have a good memory and posses common sense

Aries with Mercury in Taurus will come across as a little more methodical than their brothers and sisters with Mercury in Aries. They might come across as more practical and deliberate. Gemini too might seem more grounded than a double Gemini (double air!).

Because Mercury travels with the Sun, there are only three possible Sun signs for those with Mercury in Taurus, Aries through to Gemini. See which celebrities share your Sun and Mercury sign…

Celebrities with Mercury in Taurus

emma-watson   kristen-stewart   miranda-kerr  janet-jackson  jessica-alba   megan-fox   uma   lena  donatella-versace  katherine-hepburn  miranda-cosgrove  amanda-de-cadenet  gemini-brooke-shields  kirsten-dunst  leighton  carmen

Uma ThurmanJessica AlbaPenélope CruzLena DunhamMegan FoxEmma Watson ☆ Kristen Stewart ☆ Kelly Clarkson ☆ Naomi Campbell ☆ Sarah Michelle Gellar ☆ Cher ☆ Renée Zellweger ☆ Kirsten DunstChristina Hendricks ☆ Katharine Hepburn ☆ Edie Sedgwick ☆ Katie Price ☆ Miranda Kerr ☆ Tina Fey ☆ Tori Spelling ☆ Joan Collins ☆ Bettie PageDonatella Versace ☆ Paloma Picasso ☆ Bonnie Tyler ☆ Ella Fitzgerald ☆ America Ferrera ☆ Sonia Rykiel ☆ Alison Goldfrapp ☆ Suzi Quatro ☆ Patti Labelle ☆ Ginnifer Goodwin ☆ Cilla Black ☆ Holly Valance ☆ Gladys Knight ☆ Natalie Appleton ☆ Céline Léger ☆ Abigail Breslin ☆ Paola Fendi ☆ Mutya Buena ☆


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