See The Virgo Rising Birth Chart…

Discover the houses of the chart according to a Virgo Ascendant!

If you were born with Virgo Rising, you’re in the right place to quickly see the layout of your birth chart in Whole Sign Houses.

You’ll also see I’ve included house rulerships, for example the ruler of the first house is Mercury…

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The Virgo Rising Birth Chart…

The 1st House: Virgo, Ruled By Mercury

As a Virgo Rising, Mercury is your chart ruler. A planet that rules the nervous system you may have great gut instincts or pay extra attention to your body, knowing what serves you and what to stay away from.

The 2nd House: Libra, Ruled By Venus

With a Venusian second house you may find yourself with purpose and value – or a role – in a beauty or people-oriented area. You might make money from fashion, your charm and likeability, or the way you get on with people. You might invest or spend your money to build relationships or to look good. Find Venus in your own chart for more clues on your sense of self-worth, and what you like! 

The 3rd House: Scorpio, Ruled By Mars

Your tight-knit crew, best friends and ability to relate and communicate may hold great power, with a Scorpionic third house. The books you read may be murder mysteries, or you may hold secrets on friends or siblings that bond you for life! You may be somewhat of a super-sleuth, investigator, or brilliant at research. Be mindful of the Scorpion’s sting, which is potentially verbalised; note you have a tone or use language that can catch others off guard (and cut like a knife!)

The 4th House: Sagittarius, Ruled By Jupiter

Both Jupiter and Sagittarius and worldly and hold principles of knowledge, education and expansiveness, so you may come from a home or family that was large (with many people, uncles or tall ancestors), or domestic life may have been colourful! Larger than life! Being a foreigner or in a foreign land, connected to travel or higher thought (religion, philosophy, higher education) may be thematic. What journeys did your parents take? What quests in the past are hidden from most?

The 5th House: Capricorn, Ruled By Saturn

Passion, self-expression and the way you relate to fertility and love may have a sense of ambition about it. The plans you make (and your own hobbies, talents or pet projects) and your romantic life could be something you take seriously, mastering a musical instrument, your sexuality and dating profile, or ensuring what you do has considerable clout and is constructive. You may have fun with types who are business-like, with a wicked dry wit and sense of humour; they may be an authority or you may fall in love with the suited-and-booted type. Note Dolly Parton is a Capricorn and loves to pour herself a cup of ambition!

The 6th House: Aquarius, Ruled By Saturn

Health, wellness, work and your routine day-to-day is an area of seamless structure and even clarity, with stern Saturn again holding the reigns. The way you keep order, maintain a healthy lifestyle or step into a diet that suits you could be structured, with regimes not easy to deviate from.

The 7th House: Pisces, Ruled By Jupiter

Other people you meet and are involved with give you an opportunity to let go and give up control; they may be the alternative mystics, the mysterious folk who hold great intrigue!

The 8th House: Aries, Ruled By Mars

The way you find yourself involved with others may be highly dynamic, and you may have a sure idea of how you like to share, loan, borrow or ‘get what you want’ from others (energetically, sexually, financially). Note Aries Emma Watson is a Virgo Rising and fights for gender equality – in particular equal pay – via HeForShe, urging, galvanising men or ‘the other’ to take up their part and role in gaining rights for all that feminist. [She did this during Uranus in Aries!]

The 9th House: Taurus, Ruled By Venus

Get out into the field to explore a specialist subject, Virgo Rising! With Taurus overseeing your broadminded ninth house there’s much scope for expansion in the areas of food and agriculture, property and housing, finance, banking and beauty. Slow and steady, take a course or process of education at your own pace, it’s better when you do things in your own time. You might like to share the superficial with the world – simple ideas about love and all that breeds delight…

The 10th House: Gemini, Ruled By Mercury

As your first and tenth house can both be considered Mercurial, communication may have a lot to do with who you are and the way others see you, too. A career in journalism and reporting through the written word, or a great ability to question and gather data, facts and information may be integrated in your career.

The 11th House: Cancer, Ruled By The Moon
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With a Lunar eleventh house you may seamlessly tap into the trends and all that’s popular among the masses. You may find it easy to dip in and out of community, but have a comforting crew that’s like family. You may be friendly with chefs, restauranteurs, publicans, even the captain of a ship, sailor or hotelier. You’ll have that inner circle of trust (led by the Scorpio third house), as well as a broader circle that’s a conscious choice or fellowship. You will want to participate in a group that has a certain sensitivity or sensibility that resonates with you… You might also be interested in mothers, women’s issues or female movements! Note Kris Kardashian Virgo Rising / Cancer Moon – her network revolves around femininity.

The 12th House: Leo, Ruled By The Sun

A strong sense of pride and ego may be in blindspot, so that when you’re not ‘in earnest’ you could feel inwardly off-track. Time working on creative projects or simply letting your hair down could be great opportunities to heal a broken heart, with Vitamin-D or the rays of the Summer Sun your greatest battery charger. Heading off to theatre camp or learning to dance in private may be an ideal way to activate your surreptitious house of secret activity. Lean the Tango or a hot number!

As a Virgo Rising person, Mercury rules your first and tenth house…

…because Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini!

Venus rules your second and ninth house…

…because Venus rules Libra and Taurus!

Mars rules your third house and your eighth house…

…because Mars rules Scorpio and Aries!

Jupiter rules your fourth and seventh house…

…because Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces!

Saturn rules your fifth and sixth house…

…because Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius!

The Moon rules your eleventh house…

…because the Moon rules Cancer!

The Sun rules your twelfth house…

…because the Sun rules Leo!

As a Virgo Rising:

  • Your Ascendant, Descendant, Tenth House and Fourth House are Mutable
  • Your First, Fifth and Ninth House are Earth
  • Your Second, Sixth and Tenth House are Air
  • Your Third, Seventh and Eleventh House are Water
  • Your Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth House are Fire.
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