Virgo Amy Winehouse, Astrology Analysis…

Quite a bit has already been said about Amy Winehouse in terms of astrological analysis.

Those in the know have highlighted the three pairs of planets that form a troublesome triangle in Amy’s birth chart (see below).

That is, the Moon and Neptune trine Mars and Venus, sextile Saturn and Pluto. Looking at Amy’s planetary placements we see all of them come in twos, it’s a very interesting chart…

Let’s take a closer look and celebrate Amy’s incredible Star Sign Style

Lovin’ Leo…

amy-leopMasculine Mars and lady Venus are both Leo, which gave Amy a natural talent for performing and entertaining, plus a confident, creative and playful manner. In the beauty department (run by Venus), Leo is in charge of big, statement hair.

Those with Sun or Venus in Leo, or those who are Leo rising wear big hair best – give it some volume girls! And so Amy’s signature beehive grew and grew over the years – we’ll put the ‘do’ down to Venus in Leo. A penchant for animal print too is a Leo (and a Scorpio-Pluto) thing, which Winehouse also wore so well.

These planets sitting pretty in the Leo constellation meant Amy always attracted attention, as try as they might, no-one can ignore a Leo! These dazzling star of the zodiac are always eye-catching… Mars and Venus trine Neptune mean that for Amy, performing and being centre stage would’ve been an escape, it’s a very glamorous and charismatic placement too…

Amy’s Birth Chart

amy winehouse

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Back To Black…

Via Flickr

We can tell that Amy’s fashion choices were very much driven by her Saturn and Pluto placements, both planets are strongly linked to the colour black although in different ways.


Her tattoos, long dark hair and striking cat eye make-up are very Plutonian in style. Saturn is more classic, structured and tailored, reflected in her dress, which was quite conservative, at least when she wasn’t being papped on the streets… Remember that on stage, we usually saw her in pencil skirts or vintage dresses. With her Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn it’s no wonder she gravitated towards retro styles, as the Moon is ruler of nostalgia.

This placement also gave her masses of drive; Moon in Capricorn people have a need to work on an emotional level, and to fulfil very large ambitions that they set themselves. Virgo too is a busy bee, and Moon conjunct Neptune shows a need to be lost in creative pursuits, Amy would’ve felt most at home in the studio.

Physically, I think her Gemini ascendant shone through, with her cheeky, mischievous smile, long arms and striking shoulders. Her long midsection is very Virgo but I can certainly see the Gemini spirit coming across, and she loved to wear yellow, which is of course the Gemini shade! Communication is key for Gemini, being able to express themselves and be heard is super important – never ignore a Gemini! Amy’s Gemini ascendant is square Neptune, which rules music and poetry, this songstress was gifted in connecting to people through her singing voice.

Not Your Typical Virgo…

So finally, how did Virgo Amy Winehouse let her Sun shine through?

The biggest Virgo trait to note is that perfectionist streak – this sign can be particularly overcritical – of themselves and others. Because her Sun sign sits in the fifth house (the creative area of the chart), she strove for perfection where creativity was concerned. Mercury conjunct the Sun means her mind would’ve been suited to complex and detailed concepts, and given her the ability to carry her messages clearly and precisely to her audience.

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