Virgo Blake Lively’s Birth Chart!

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Blake Lively is an American actress, celebrity homemaker and a multiple Virgo!

Blake starred as Serena van der Woodsen in TV show Gossip Girl and in 2012 married Ryan Reynolds.

Sun In Virgo . Moon In Virgo . Venus In Virgo . Mercury In Virgo . Leo Rising

Blake Ellender Brown was born August 25th, 1987 at 05:07 am in Tarzana, California (Rodden Rating AA makes this almost certain!!)

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Leo Rising, Blake steps out with confidence and a purr, and the bright sun in her first house in the ruler of her chart.

Sun in Virgo adds a big dose of perfectionism, and who can deny Blake looks pretty perfect?!

Thankfully the sun doesn’t shine too brightly so that we miss the moon, which is also in Virgo.

Perhaps Blake’s love of cooking is down to her Moon in Virgo, but it’s surely her Taurus Midheaven that’s forged creative partnerships with Sprinkles bakeries and La Cornue ovens!

Blake’s Birth Chart…


Born August 25th, 1987 In Tarzana, California…

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