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Fashion Astrology & Fur – Virgo’s A Veritable Vixen…

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I Doubt Poppy Delevingne Is Faking It – Let’s Hope It’s An Heirloom…

Zodiac fact for you Stargazers, the zodiac sign Virgo rules all little animals, so squirrels, rabbits – all tiny creatures including domestic pets!

Your Virgo friend could even prefer pets to people (it’s been known!)

Virgo, She’s A Veritable Vixen!

I wondered if Virgo makes fur fashion fabulous, and was surprised to see our Sun sign sisters regularly sporting the look.

The likes of Beyonce, Poppy Delevingne, Nicole Ritchie and Sophie Dahl have all been photographed in fur – so does it make it a Virgo thang?

Many people born under the sign of the Maiden are particularly fussy people, and won’t stand for fur – or any cruel, unnatural fashions.

In fact many are as keenly eco-friendly as an Aquarius!

Still, the Virgo ladies seen here are going for the: fabulous in fur look, although you should always fake it to make it best for mother nature (and sometimes that won’t do either…)


Are You Fur Real? Sophie Dahl, Sophia Loren, Claudia Schiffer, Beyonce Beyonce, Nicole Ritchie…

Trim It Down…


You Want Trim With That? Rachel Bilson, Carine Roitfeld, Florence Welch, And Iris Apfel…

A fur trim or stole could be a more subtle way to wear it, as seen on the stars above. The best colours for Virgo are the Tawny Tones, which is why these famous faces suit it so.

Virgo fashion is inclusive of fur.

However, I’m in no way supporting the senseless culling of creatures for the fashion industry…

My fashion advice for Virgo?

If you must – FAKE IT to make it fashion fabulous!

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