Say Yes To Yule! 5 Winter Solstice Rituals For Beauty…

How To Prep For The Bleak Midwinter, Beautifully...

What are my top Winter Solstice rituals? I recommend honouring the longest night of the year by honouring your body, spirit and soul!

Discover my top tips, and the important things to remember at this time of year.

Focus on a routine before bed. Find ways to wind down and gain a sense of routine, no matter how much light there is outside.

Nature hibernates in this cold season and we’ve the tendency to hide too. But rather than totally retreating, treat your body like the temple it is. Make yourself a priority.

What Is The Solstice?

The Winter Solstice is a turning point, as the Sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn. It is the longest night of the year.

One of the four Solar Fire Festivals or Quarter Days, the entry of the Sun into Capricorn brings a seasonal shift.

> Read more about the astrology of Winter Solstice & Yule, here <

As a Cardinal sign (like Aries, Cancer and Libra), Capricorn initiates change. It’s an ideal time to mark the moment with ritual, acknowledging the turning of time.

The Longest Night Calls For Candlelight…

A time to bring light into gloomy spaces, use soft candlelight and slow down. Rest and recuperate! Avoid the light of your phone however, which can strain the eyes and keep you awake!

Here are my favourite ways to acknowledge this seasonal difference.

Winter Solstice Rituals For Beauty…

5 Ways To Bring You Into Alignment With The Season…

The nights are long and dark during the solstice and many of us are bundled up. When we’re wearing extra layers, we might forget regular TLC from head to toe.

1. Skin Saviours: Cold Showers & More…

So fitting for the entry point to Capricorn Season.

Yes, baby it’s cold outside!

While it’s lovely to warm up in a sweltering sauna or steamy bathroom, heat isn’t great for the skin’s ability to hold in moisture.

Stick to short showers and avoid drying soap lather. Squeaky clean isn’t as nice as the cleansing oils and scrubs that will look after your dermis. Remember, cold and brisk!

  • Skin: It’s an excellent time to replenish your skin. Capricorn’s ruler Saturn is the guardian of our dermis – Saturn rules skin. We can reassess our health and realign our bodies, too – our skeletons (another Saturnian thing).
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  • Feet as dry as old stuffing? I hear ya. Save your soles! Soak your tootsies in warm, soapy water and buff away till your hearts content. You’ll thank me for this prompt, and you know it’s easy peasy with a foot file… Winter Solstice rituals can include moisturising your feet, slipping into cosy bed socks! You might even like to do a foot mask. Remember this top tip, especially if you wear tough boots during this season! Treat yourself to a pedicure.
  • Lips: No-one wants dry, cracked lips puckering up beneath a chiming clock on New Year! Nor a flakey pout under the mistletoe. Sadly, the fact is, lips so become chapped in the winter. If you suffer from particularly sore smackers avoid waxy, scented balms and go for lanolin based ointments. To remedy chaffed lips use a scrub in your routine, with a way to exfoliate dead skin particles. This will ensure moisture gets through!

  • Body: Tend to your lymphatic system, with a body brush and sweeping strokes towards the heart…

2. Revel In Nature But Remember SPF…

You’ll feel the color rush to your cheeks when you take a brisk (or slow) walk in the woods (doctor’s in the UK now prescribe nature to their patients!) BUT don’t forget SPF (at least 30), as the sun still shines in winter…

Mull over the smells and sensations of your surroundings and go natural. Foundation looks terrible caked on winter skin, so opt for a dewy finish. Avoid powder and matte makeup. Do exfoliate and use an extra-rich creamy moisturiser.

Do avoid The ‘Leo Look’. Queens of summer, the lioness rulers over bronzers and suntans. Save this look for Leo Season and the Summer Solstice...

3. Solstice Calls For Silk Over Static!


If you’re  prone to flyaway hair, use a silk scarf as a chic beauty accessory and tool for keeping strands smooth. Tuck hair neatly beneath the scarf and enjoy a salon moment on arrival.

Ask Santa for silky pillowcases too!

You might like to invest in a product like Moroccan Hair Oil, to enhance your tresses. Rosemary, coconut and apricot oils are a key ingredient for healthy hair. Increase the shine and softness, locking in moisture with a home made mask.

4. Winter Solstice Ritual – Get Lovely Lashes…

I’m a big fan of eye lash extensions, for when my lashes are wanting a little oomph (if y’know what I mean).

You can also invest in a decent waterproof mascara (for those wet and windy winter nights) or a few corner lashes. But remember, it’s not all about a flawless face of makeup. The most beautiful smile appears on the faces of those that take it easy. The holidays can be such a stressful time, so achieve beauty from the inside out.

5. De-Stress!

The most important way to enhance your beauty is with Winter Solstice rituals that connect you. Meet with the people you love, affirming what’s special and meaningful to you.

Gather to acknowledge your achievements since the start of the year, bringing a sense of ease and happiness. No need for expensive treatments when you’re surrounded by affection!

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