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Libra Kim Kardashian, Astrology And Personal Horoscope…

Perfectly Poised – Libra Lady Kim Kardashian


We’ve been watching the Kardashian Klan for a whopping ten years now!

Some of us might feel we know the show’s central muse, Kim, a little better than we ought! We’re privy to her most private moments (though who can ever tell with reality shows…) as her life is played out on screen.

Her all-star family now sparkle in their own right, but Kim still holds a special place in our hearts as the original Kardashian we adore.

So, what can we tell from her personal astrology, her horoscope and Birth Chart? Ready for a celebrity scope?

See her birth chart below…

Kim’s Co-Ordinates 






Lashings Of Lovely Libra

kim-kardashian-astrology-faceIt’s no surprise that this gorgeous girl’s got a plethora of planets in the beauteous, Venus-ruled constellation, Libra.

Kim’s Sun, Saturn and Pluto all sit in the balanced, congenial and diplomacy-loving sign of the scales. It’s no wonder she seems to strive for harmony at home, acting as peacekeeper among her squabbling siblings. Planet Pluto adds intensity here, so in this Birth Chart unity is all-important, this applies to romantic relationships, too.

Plus, people with this Pluto placement are prime for positions of authority – they really know how to handle the public.

Libra in Saturn is diplomatic and refined. Saturn’s links to the skeleton might also be responsible for Kim’s fine and flawless bone structure, and it’s symmetry all the way, courtesy of all that balanced, lovely Libra.

kim-kardashian-astrology-scorpioMeanwhile, Mercury sits in sexy Scorpio, indicating Kim is particularly perceptive, also sensitive, subtle and good with secrets!

Perhaps that’s why Bruce Jenner confided in Kim first and foremost about his transition to be Caitlyn – you can read an astrology analysis of that transformation here, in Bruce Jenner’s Astrology.

Uranus nearby adds originality and mental speed for an added boost of brilliance – how welcome! It indicates an independent thinker too…

Centaur Sagittarius

kim-kardashian-astrology-sagittariusShe’s got a fair share of Sagittarius the Archer, the ruler of her Rising Sign, as well as Mars and Neptune. This constellation accounts for Kim’s outgoing personality; it’s energetic, likes to explore and take risks.

These planetary placements mean adventure is high on the list of priorities.

Sagittarius is definitely freedom-loving too, which prompts the question…

“Will it work with Kanye?”


Look To The Stars To See…

Is this a love for life? I say YES!

Libra and Gemini are a gorgeous match, plus with Venus in Virgo Kim

Kanye makes my list of > TOP TAURUS MEN < Find out why I don’t see Yeezus as a Gemini here…

Libra Fashion Style

Like most Libra ladies, Kim looks gorgeous in clean neutrals and soft pastels: pinks, creams, baby blue, and other sorbet shades.


This sign should try Grecian Styles out for size.

Kim get’s this right on the red carpet, as she’s often seen in gorgeous gowns with a goddess vibe, or a Greek edge: asymmetrical, one shouldered dresses.

Streamlined and sleek is best for Libra – avoid too much ‘flamenco’ flounce or florals.

Venus In Virgo = Picture Perfect!

Ever noticed that this star always seems groomed to perfection? Well, it’s all in the stars!

Venus in Virgo means Kim is particular about cleanliness, being neat, tidy and well, perfect! Add Jupiter and her Midheaven (Mc) to the Venus mix and they’re really sitting pretty. This combination spreads the word (Jupiter), so that Kim is known (reputation = Mc) far and wide for her beauty (Venus)…

Virgo colours are caramel tones and earthy shades, which Kim’s also drawn to…


Why Such Scandal?

kim-neptuneIt’s where it all began, the reason Kim Kardashian shot to fame was her infamous SexTape. Can Kim’s Birth Chart reveal anything about that??! After all, it propelled her to SuperStardom!

Neptune and Mars are lurking either side of Kim’s Sagittarius ascendant. The positioning of dreamy illusionist planet Neptune can create glamour, intrigue, deception – even spiritual or guru type qualities.

It can also allude to scandalous activities (and Neptune rules film and photography too…).

Watery Neptune blurs lines, and so, with the planet of disillusion sitting in the area of the chart governing appearances, thing might not be what they seem – those who meet Kim will be struck with a impression that might be confused: a glamorous glaze washed over how she greets of the world.

How To Handle The Moon…

Looking at Kim’s chart below you can see all of the planets mentioned here are directed and reflected by Kim’s dreamy and creative Moon in Pisces, like a prism of light.

This type of chart pattern is common and is called a ‘bucket shaped chart’. The ‘handle’ of the bucket is Kim’s Moon, which means everything in her life is directed, emphasised and possibly motivated by theMoon.

Interesting that the Moon represents family, in particular mother, nurturing and home. Kim is not just an individual – she’s got a whole troop as back-up – the Kardashians!

With this super focus in place I bet hands down Kim will makes an intuitive and kracking mom!

Moon in Pisces people are also drawn to bathrooms…

Kim Kardashian’s Birth Chart


Kim Kardashian Born 10.46am, 21st October 1980 In Los Angeles, CA

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