Taurus Renée

Renée Zellweger astrology

Renée Zellweger Astrology

☆ Virgo Rising ☆ Sun In Taurus  Mercury In Taurus ☆ Venus In Aries  Moon In Leo 

Loved Renée in Bridget Jones!

She’s soft, she’s serene but tough all at the same time – it’s the steady Bull in her, Taurus.

But Zellweger also has Venus in Aries, and the moon in luscious Leo. At home with acting – she’s fiery for sure!

Is it just me or does this star always look remarkably clean?!  Virgo rising – a true perfectionist but also gives off the impression of cleanliness…

Zellweger never looks caked in makeup, and if she is in disarray it’s always in that special Virgo way – organised chaos!

bridget-jones_s-diary astrology

Virgo Rising – Fitness Suits You!

Transformation – P-P-P-PLUTO!

Check out her birth chart below and you’ll see Renée has Pluto rising…

renee zellweger astrology

This gives the star an intensity and the capacity to transform seamlessly from one style to the next.

However, being in the limelight means she came under fire for cosmetic surgery – maybe the placement of bountiful Jupiter in her chart meant she overdid it…!

Renée Zellweger’s Birth Chart

Renée Zellweger astrology horoscope
Born 25th April 1969 In Baytown, Texas

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