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The World’s Top Virgo Models…

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Classic Virgo Model Sophie Dahl…

It’s not the virgin but the Maiden that represents the Virgo zodiac sign. And while this sign doesn’t represent something wholly untouched, there is something pure, unspoiled and innocent about the Virgo sensibility…


Clockwise From Top Left: Coco Rocha, Arizona Muse, Sophie Dahl And Twiggy

virgo model carmen cass

Carmen Kass

virgo claudia schiffer

Claudia Schiffer

Virgo models tend to have a fresh faced and (scrubbed) clean look. They’re best presented without too much heavy makeup. Typically quite earthy, their look lends itself beautifully to outdoor photo-shoots, working wonders in natural surroundings. Virgo designer Stella McCartney sets the scene of many Chloe adverts in fields too, a great setting for pics (and a picnic!)

You can count on Miss Virgo to look after her health (and verge on hypochondria occasionally!) She’s a wellness guru through and through – read Virtuous Virgo, healthy habits…

Don’t let her get her hands on your camera equipment though, as this perfectionist is concerned with details – she’ll be fine tuning the lens in no time!

Virtuous Virgo Models…


☆ Claudia Schiffer 25th August 1970 ☆ Rachel Hunter 9th September 1969 ☆ Coco Rocha 10th September 1988 ☆ Carmen Kass 14th September 1978 ☆ Sophie Dahl 15th September 1977 ☆ Arizona Muse 18th September 1988 ☆ Twiggy 19th September 1949 ☆ Victoria Silvstedt 19th September 1974 ☆ Mariacarla Boscono 20th September 1980 

Beautiful Daze

Is it me or are there some beautiful days for Virgo models to be born on and around?

Looks like the 18th & 19th and the 20th of September are good runs for virtuous beauty!
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