Gemini Lily-Rose Depp Birth Chart & Astrology

Twinning With Her Father – And Mother!

Lily-Rose Melody Depp was born 27 May 1999, so she is a Gemini!

The French-American actress and model has been a Chanel brand ambassador, and starred in the period drama The Dancer among other performances.

The daughter of actor Johnny Depp and singer Vanessa Paradis, she is known to be private about her personal life…

While Lily and her father are both Gemini, they have synastry elsewhere that bonds them.

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Lily’s Venus in Cancer is conjunct her fathers Cancer North Node (and her mothers Cancerian Moon), while her Leo North Node is conjunct Johnny’s Ascendant.

She was also born just after his third Jupiter Return in Aries!

Her Scorpio Moon shows up in his fourth house of home life, so she and her mother will always represent and feel like family to JD.

Vanessa Paradis has Mars Rising in Scorpio, with Lily-Rose’s Ascendant on her mothers Mars – why they look so similar!

Lily-Rose Depp Birth Chart

Born Thursday May 27th 1999, At 8.25 pm In Neuilly-sur-Seine, France via AstroTheme

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