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Which cities and countries are ruled by the zodiac sign Libra?


Argentina (officially the Argentine Republic), declared independence in 1816 on July 9th, with 24º Libra Rising – and a Full Moon in Capricorn.

I love how the flag of this country reflects its natal chart, as it boasts planets gathered around its Cancer Midheaven – the Sun most notably in its 10th House of visibility, plus Venus and Mercury. We see the sun strongly placed on the flag, set against the Libra-esque blue lines… 

The country is known for its food – steak and wine (very Cancerian) but also its elegant architecture (thank you Libra)! The tango reflects the Full Moon energy of the country, passionate and celebratory, but also Jupiter in the first house in Scorpio at 0º – alluring and sexy – and Mars in Leo (pure drama).

The Libra Ascendant aligns with Saturn in Aquarius within one degree, contributing to the sophistication of this country.


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The People’s Republic of China was established October 1st, 1949, 3.00 pm in Beijing, China, boasting a Libra Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and Midheaven, plus Aquarius Rising with Moon in Aquarius.

Interestingly, a civilized tea ceremony remains an important part of the traditional marriage customs of Chinese people – and is one of the most significant events of the Chinese wedding. Called “Jing Cha”, it literally means ‘to respectfully offer tea’ and incorporates a very formal introduction of the bride and groom, expressing respect to their families.


We consider Monday, October 6th, 1958, France’s birthday, therefore this country is a Libra, with a Sun-Mercury conjunction, Venus in Libra and the North Node on the Libra Descendant (see the chart here).

With the Moon in Cancer (in the fourth house of self-care, family nests, and feeding), we know France as the land of beautiful baguettes, croissants, cheese, oysters, and macaroons! But it also works hard to be a sophisticated place – the epitome of civilized culture, the artistic – and fashion – center of the world!

Aesthetically charming, with outstanding architecture, Paris is also one of the most popular places for lovers, honeymooners and romantic couples to celebrate their affections – or get engaged, it’s the city of love!


A small country surrounded by South Africa, Lesotho gained independence from Britain on October 4th, 1966 and was formed through the pursuit of peace. With Venus at 0º of Libra, Gemini Rising and Mercury at 27º of Libra, it’s strongly aligned with this zodiac sign. 

Known as the Kingdom in the Sky (because of its lofty altitude), it gets on well with its neighbor South Africa!

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