Venus In Libra Celebrities And Their Style…

The beauty, dress and adornment of those born with goddess Venus in lovely Libra...

When Venus is in Libra, it can bring a harmonious and aesthetically focused energy to a person’s sense of romance and friendship.

Venus represents the way we love, our relationship style and personal values. Libra is an air sign known for its balance and love of beauty.

Here are traits and tendencies associated with this Venus sign…

Charming, Courteous & Polite…

A person with Venus in the sign of the scales is likely to be gracious, well mannered and charming in relationships. They strive for beauty, keeping up appearances and are natural born peace-makers.

Agreeable, Diplomatic & Fair…

A sign that values diplomacy and fairness, these folk prioritise creating balance in their relationships, valuing fairness in their approach to conflict. Diplomacy and justice can be important cornerstones of the vales of this person.

Social & Outgoing…

An air sign, Libra loves socialising and being around others. These people enjoy going out and meeting new friends and may be very engaging. They may be admired for keeping up a nice atmosphere, smoothing the creases and oiling the cogs in social situations.

Indecisive & People-Pleasing…

Libra is a sign that sees all sides, and therefore can struggle with decision making. A focus on pleasing others can steer them to be accommodating, setting an emphasis on their plus one.

They love to see others happy, especially a partner. There’s the capacity to prioritise another’s happiness over their own.

Aesthetic & Artistic…

There may be a high value around beauty and art, a strong appreciation for aesthetics, fashion, music and sophistication – even money! 

These people enjoy beauty and harmony, cultivating a pretty picturesque image, and may be drawn to partners who share those values. They likely enjoy creating beautiful experiences and environments for themselves and their other half.

Venus in Libra can bring a lot of pleasure, affability and grace to a person’s love life.

However, it can also lead to indecisiveness and a tendency to prioritise others’ needs over their own.

Venus rules over the zodiac signs Libra and Taurus, and people with this planetary placement tend to be at ease with Venusian matters – fashion, art, architecture, beauty…

The ideals of the archetypal goddess image area expressed easily with this receptive position of Venus in her home sign.

Libra Venus Beauty Style…


Stars Born When Venus Was Transiting Libra – Clockwise From Top Left: Beyonce Knowles, Hayden Panettiere (Leo), Grace Kelly (Scorpio), Anna Nicole Smith (Sagittarius), Claudia Schiffer  (Virgo), Emma Stone (Scorpio)  and Lisa Bonet (Scorpio)…

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Gorgeous and graceful, these people have a special charm. No matter their zodiac sign they’ll boast a lovely Libra aesthetic.

They’ll know what looks good instinctively and have a natural affinity with fashion and beauty – they will look just lovely!

Venus In Libra Fashion Style…

Poised, civilised and sophisticated, these people are fashion savvy.

While they’re keen on making a good impression they can also use their creative licence around image.

They tend to cultivate a sweet look and suit pastel shades. No matter the era or their preferred trends, they can go for feminine cuts and finishes.

Libra is the sign of partnership, ruling over matrimony, diplomacy, justice and legal matters including contracts.

People with this placement will be inclined to say “I do”, and when they do you can be sure they’ll make the best blushing brides

There are five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Libra, Leo through to Sagittarius. See which celebrities share your Sun and Venus sign…

Venus In Libra Celebrities…

Venus In Libra And A Leo Sun

☆ Hayden Panettiere ☆ Jennie Eisenhower ☆ Susan Saint James ☆ Shelley Long ☆

Venus In Libra And A Virgo Sun

beyonce  Rachel-Bilson-virgo  Claudia-Schiffer-virgo  florence-welch

Beyonce Knowles ☆ Jada Pinkett Smith ☆ Rachel Bilson ☆ Claudia Schiffer ☆ Tai Babilonia ☆ Florence Welch ☆ Gloria Estefan ☆ Shania Twain ☆ Queen Rania of Jordan ☆ Jennifer Hudson ☆ Bebe Rexha ☆

Venus In Libra And A Libra Sun – Double Libra!


☆ Cheryl Tiegs ☆ Hilary Duff ☆ Susan Anton ☆ Rita Hayworth ☆

Venus In Libra And A Scorpio Sun

elke-somner  vivien-leigh

☆ Elke Sommer ☆ Grace Kelly ☆ Vivien Leigh ☆ Lisa Bonet ☆ Kate Capshaw ☆ Calista Flockhart ☆ Emma Stone ☆

Venus In Libra And A Sagittarius Sun


☆ Anna Nicole Smith ☆ Vera Fisher ☆

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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