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An astrological make-up solution from Linda Mason…


Not so long ago I met a beautiful, poised young woman at dinner, and when I told her about Star Sign Style she urged me to look up her friend in New York, who combines astrology and make-up in a truly unique way *exciting*!

British-born Linda Mason is an internationally renowned runway artist who’s worked with the likes of John Galliano and Giorgio Armani, building a reputation in the 1980s for her artistic flair and bold use of colour.

It was when talking with models about astrology that Linda was inspired to develop an astrology themed range of mood kit colour palettes.

Discussing sun signs, Linda noticed striking similarities – not only in personality and style but in the beauty aesthetic of the zodiac, too. She decided to take it further, researching then launching an astrological make-up line in 1987.


Designed to compliment each sign of the zodiac, selected shades are chosen suit the stars!

Her cosmically inspired collection had success in leading department stores such as Barneys, and today, the Astrological Melodies and Elements Harmonies palettes are best-selling products at her cosmetics shop in SoHo, which doubles as an art gallery, popular event space and occasional makeup school.

Each limited edition astrology palette has four carefully chosen eye shadows, plus a blush and lip colour. But you don’t have to stick to your star sign! In fact, Linda encourages you to try out the look of a different sign and choose who you want to be.

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“All colors combine to accentuate the most attractive qualities of an individual’s birth sign. You can either wear your own sign or another sign to take on the attributes of that sign for an evening out.“

Linda Mason.


The make-up palettes allow you to emphasise a feeling, mood or character, or harmonise with, and strengthen, the beauty of your own astrological sign.

“With makeup I like to not just accentuate a woman’s beauty but also her personality, so what better way to do it than combining colors and textures to accentuate the attributes of a woman’s sign,”

Linda Mason.

Art And Astrology


L-R, Lynley and Gaby, and Thalita

With an insuppressible creativity, Linda silk-screens images onto pillows, cosmetic bags and brush holders. Here, her astrological paintings have been transferred onto material, fashioned into dresses by her interns Lynley and Gaby, who wear Gemini, and Assistant Thalita who’d wearing Aquarius.

Discover more including the moodkit palettes for all the zodiac signs at, or visit The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason, 26-28 Grand St, New York, NY 10013 nr. Sixth Ave. Tel, 212 625-0490.

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