Magical Trends From Fashion Week


Magical Moments At Fashion Week 2017

This year, Fashion Week has been awash with gods and goddesses, magic, moon motifs, stars and touches of the cosmos – my favourite…

Here are my top picks from London and New York!

Goddess Dresses At Mary Katrantzou…


Goddess beauty galore at Mary Katrantzou – this is the collection I’m most excited about, which references ancient Greece with a contemporary twist.

I’ve featured an astrology dress from Katrantzou here before. I love this Aquarius fashion designers futuristic and contemporary prints.



Crystal Crocs At Christopher Kane…


The Leo fashion designer Christopher chose crystals to adorn his footwear – Crocs!


The jury’s out on this one Kane

Sun Goddesses At Gareth Pugh…


The sun was a key motif for (Virgo) Gareth Pugh‘s collection, which was based on costumes created for ‘Eliogabalo’, an opera written for the 1667 Venice Carnival.

It follows the story of a child emperor in imperial Rome, who proclaims himself a sun god and is ultimately overthrown.


“The opera is essentially about an empire eating itself – so it feels alarmingly relevant,” said Pugh.

Starry Nights At Marc Jacobs…


I’ll not discuss dreadlocks (the Aries fashion designer is under fire now for racism!) but I do love the set design…

More than a thousand light bulbs dangling from the ceiling gave this rave culture inspired show an outer space feeling.

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Pastel pretty with silvery moons and stars…

Mighty magical.

Jeremy Scott, Jetsons Style…


Like an awesome 80s space girl!


Witchcraft At Preen…

With pentagram-print dresses featuring prominently, it was magical thinking all the way from Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi at Preen.

The Spring 2017 collection was a pagan parade of witchcraft-inspired fashion, with spellbinding makeup by Val Garland.

Thea Bregazzi said “We grew up with witches. There are a lot on the Isle of Man—people go to see them to cure sore throats, ailments like that.”

Thea met Justin at high school, and they share magical memories that inspire their design including astrology.

Lets hope there’s even more references of the zodiac to come!

Magical Thinking At Ryan Lo…


A fan of all that is childlike, I love the motif on Ryan Lo’s dresses.

A genie appears to be popping out from a magical lamp, with curling smoke, stars and mystery.

This particular collection was inspired by anime cartoons and Cantonese music videos – fabulous fun!

Tarot Totes At Alice And Olivia…


The tarot deck was the main muse for this collection – see more pictures from the Alice and Olivia show, inspired by a holiday to Italy.

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