Ariana’s Astrology – Cute Cancer With A Libra Moon…

Ariana Grande was born on June 26th, 1993 in Florida making her a sweet Cancer with a Libra moon!

The American singer and actress began her career at 13 on Broadway, before landing the role of Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon TV show Victorious.

So what’s her Star Sign Style?

Ariana’s Astrological Placements

Ariana Grande Astrology Chart…

Born 26th June 1993 At 9.16 pm In Boca Raton, Florida…

Ariana has Sun and Mercury in the soft, sentimental sign of Cancer, giving her a gentle, protective aura.

Cancerians are ruled by the moon, and often attuned to what people need – including the collective needs of people. Those born under the sign of the Crab often make fantastic designers or work in the field of trends, because the simply know the ebb and flow of what appeals to the masses.

With mentally-aware Mercury in the 7th house of personal relations Ariana is highly aware (particularly through her work, due to a Mercury ruled sixth house). She’s tuned in to what others are feeling and makes commentary through her songs about her love interests.

The moon governs her 7th house (as it’s Cancer on the descendant) and with the moon conjunct Jupiter in the 9th she has a Big Message to broadcast, that’s emotive and beautiful… 

Venus Ruled…

Ariana was born with pleasure planet Venus in the steady sign Taurus – a zodiac sign ruled by Venus. 

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Taurus has a graceful perspective on dress and aesthetics – Ariana has a natural affinity with the arts and what looks good.

Coupled with the congenial moon in Libra, this star has a definite advantage when it comes to appearances, as Libra is the other constellation in the zodiac with boosted beauty power, courtesy of Venus.

While Taurus is the sign of the senses – taste, touch, smell and an added appreciation of the tangible, material world; Libra rules social graces, love relationships, fashion and architecture.

Libra – sign of balance – needs to feel that all is well in the world, in perfect harmony, that everyone is ‘getting along’. With her stunning vocals producing a sweet, delightful sound, the songstress brings harmony to life, smoothing over any discord with a perfect expression of beauty – both her cute aesthetic and music style.

Again, the noticeable feature of Grande’s natal chart is the pairing of the moon and expansive Jupiter conjoined the moon, creating a big, bountiful or ‘grand’ emotional appeal for the singer.

The feminine moon represents our mother, where we’re from and our heritage and roots, and I love that Jupiter and the moon are expressed in her last name.

Libra is the sign associated with dimples too, and Ariana has a BIG noticeable dimple…


Taurus governs the neck and throat area, and having a highlighted Taurus constellation is often found in the birth charts of talented singers.

Those with Mercury in Taurus can often have good singing voices and Venus is no exception.

Another striking signature is that her Venus is in near direct opposition to Pluto in the zone of ambitious plans, career success and the public profile.

Ariana could be subject to jealousy and attacks, but it seems that this has simply spurred her on to be an even more sweet and caring individual in the realms of celebrity.

Uranus & Neptune Rising

Like Kylie Jenner, Ariana has Neptune rising, which gives her the ability to shift into different looks and guises.

It’s often remarked that Ariana’s appearance has changed significantly, however unlike Kylie, Ariana hasn’t had as much facial surgery but manages to change her look with different hair styles and fake tan.

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