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Daphne Guinness Astro


Daphne Guinness, sexy Scorpio with a side of Aqua Wizardry…

Scorpio Daphne Guinness, Astro Insights

With her ‘eccentric’ moon in Aquarius, the Honourable Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness also gives us the perfect impression of Scorpio style.

Born 9 November 1967, she might possibly be a Scorpio rising star.

A British–Irish fashion designer is also an art collector, model, film producer and actor, and a notorious heiress, a direct descendent of 18th century brewer Arthur Guinness – as in the pint so lovingly remastered in her hair!

Venus in Virgo gives her a natural affinity with fashion and an eye for design, while Mercury in Scorpio holds her secrets…



Daphne’s Birth Chart


Born 9th November, 1967 In London, UK…

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