Taurus Megan Fox Astrology, Capricorn Rising…

It’s official!

Megan Fox is a Capricorn Rising, with a confirmed birth time.

The actress is pretty open about her love of astrology, so we can be certain that she’s given up the correct information.

Capricorn Rising Sun In TaurusMoon In LeoVenus In Gemini  ☆ Mars in Capricorn ☆

The aspect that stands out most to me is Venus (& Black Moon Lilith) opposite Uranus, which is co-present with Saturn (her chart ruler) in the 12th house. Jupiter is (widely) square these points.

Mars Rising and Jupiter sextile the ascendant are also interesting points to note, with the stars Jupiter Return bringing her a big love story!

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The 19º22′ Capricorn ascendant plays into the astrology of 2020, with eclipses sweeping over this point in Megan’s chart, and I can hazard a guess that this is very much to do with the end of her 10-year relationship to Brian Austin Green, and the new relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, a need to ‘start again’.

With the ruler of her descendant (the Moon) in the eighth house, closeness and commitment are much needed in relationships!

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