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Venus In Gemini Celebrities And Their Style…

Share the story – it’s the beauty of those born with Venus in gorgeous Gemini…


Venus In Gemini – The Twins In Love! 

Communication is key for those with Venus in Gemini, and intelligence is likely to be more important than looks or status – they choose brains over brawn every time.

These people are themselves charming, versatile and quick witted.

These people like to talk about love too, writing love letters or saying “I love you” often. They take an intellectual approach to relationships and want a friend with whom to share ideas.

Venus In Gemini Fashion Style… Sparkle Bright!

Just like the Twins, Venus in Gemini people wear sparkle and shine so well!

Remember that your Venus in Gemini placement answers to Mercury, therefore your Mercury will have plenty to say about your fashion style!

Venus in Gemini, Mischief and Mayhem!

Clever, quick and the sprite of the Zodiac, your Gemini nature is dualistic and lithe, dextrous and free! This is a youthful placement.

There are five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Gemini, Aries through to Cancer. See which celebrities share your Sun and Venus sign…

Celebrities With Venus In Gemini

Venus In Gemini With An Aries Sun…


☆ Jennifer Garner ☆ Olivia Hussey ☆ Bette Davis ☆ Miranda Kerr ☆

Venus In Gemini With A Taurus Sun…

  lena   megan-fox   uma  carmen-electra

☆ Cher ☆ Lena Dunham ☆ Joanna Lumley ☆ Megan Fox ☆ Tori Spelling ☆ Uma Thurman ☆ Carmen Electra ☆

Venus In Gemini With A Gemini Sun – Double Gemini!

gemini-brooke-shields  kylie   heidi-klum   sagittarius-Joan-Rivers  gemini-helen-hunt  sd

☆ Kylie Minogue ☆ Heidi Klum ☆ Joan Collins ☆ Joan Rivers ☆ Brooke Shields ☆ Naomi Campbell ☆ Riley Keough ☆

Venus In Gemini With A Cancer Sun…


☆ Courtney Love ☆ Kim Carnes ☆ Eva Green ☆ Jessica Simpson ☆ Tulisa ☆ Phoebe Waller Bridge ☆

Venus In Gemini With A Leo Sun…

jen-lop  jk  Sandra-Bullock

Sandra Bullock ☆ Jacqueline Kennedy ☆ Jennifer Lopez ☆ Rachel Miner ☆ Clara Bow ☆ Amelia Erhart ☆ Sheena Easton ☆ Helen Mirren ☆ Eva Peron ☆ Isabella Rossellini ☆ Mary Pickford ☆ Jennifer Saunders ☆ Wallis Simpson ☆ Venus Williams ☆

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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