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Top 5 Tips To Work A Virgo Makeup Style!

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Take it from the stars, those born under the Virgo constellation can work a truly gorgeous makeup style!

What are the top beauty tips for Virgo babes?

1. Fresh Face Forward

Less Is More… Virgo Claudia Schiffer…

The zodiac sign highlighted at the time of harvest, Virgo aligns with work and service.

Ever so practical, those born under the sign Virgo will lean towards a natural, pared back beauty style, with fresh faces and an earnest appeal.


Virgo Celebrities (as above): Evan Rachel Wood, Michelle Williams, Fearne Cotton, Lianne La Havas, Cameron Diaz, Arizona Muse, Carmen Kass, Heidi Pratt, Blake Lively, Zendaya Coleman, Beyonce Knowles, Rachel Bilson, Dewi Driegen, Poppy Delevingne, Rachel Zoe, Sophie Dahl and Nicole Ritchie.

Rather than going heavy on the makeup, they suit bare faced beauty.

2. Nature’s Harvest, Down To Earth…

A mutable earth sign, those born under the Virgo zodiac sign can work with so many grounded tones. Their eye shadow can reflect the palest browns and terracotta.

Virgo suits creamy hues mirrored in a wheat sheaf – pale yellow, tan, brown and green – their best colors are dry, earthy shades.

Two Faced Chocolate Bar…


Berry lips are a plum choice!

3. Pure & Simple


Lips as a rule are usually clean nude (not to glossy!), wearable for the everyday tasks and duties.

Virgo isn’t the type to vamp it up too readily, as this is a zodiac sign that prefers to appear conscientious and ready to help.

4. Perfection Personified

Remember, Virgo is the perfectionist sign, and will spend time getting her look just right.

5. Flower Child

As the pure Maiden depicted carrying corn, the Virgo representation can have tousled hair accessorized with a sheaf of wheat crowning their hair, or dried flower accessories…

Keywords: helpful, analytical, perfectionist, dainty and pure.

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