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Picture Perfect, Virgo Beyonce…

The Astrology of Beyoncé…

In an age where Tumblr memes seem to have more gravitational pull than a natal chart it can be frustrating for bonafide astrology enthusiasts to know where to start…

Time and again during Virgo Season I see pictures of ‘Queen Bey’ and I want to yell that’s her Mars and Leo Rising dressing her!

Time to clarify…

Queen Bey Has Mars In Leo, And Is Possibly Leo Rising

The performer, the showgirl, the star – with the lion on the ascendant the horoscope is coloured by the constellation of the proud kings (and queens) of the zodiac.


Leo Rising = The Big Cats…

There’s no mistaking when she’s on stage Bey is rocking her rising sign – loud, proud, her energy planet Mars propels her face forward too, with that (wild) pussycat style.

This also points to the sun as the chart ruler, as Leo is ruled by the sun. It’s a warm, benevolent enthusiasm – gorgeous. And, it comes across so well because of tons of hard work, courtesy of Virgo…

Sun In Virgo

Notoriously perfectionist, like Michael Jackson Beyonce is born under a Virgo sun.

She rehearses for hours and is known for her incredible and tireless work ethic and those stellar performances are down to hours of dedication and preparation.


Yes, Beyonce is a Virgo…

Sixth sign of the zodiac, the sign Virgo the Maiden is dedicated, wholesome and modest – quite a balance to strike when you’ve a roaring tendency with Leo-ness to contend with.

Venus / Mercury in Libra

The planet of beauty and the feminine is in one of its favourite places, the diplomatic and harmony loving sign Libra. With two key personal planets in the sign of the Scales partnership is highlighted – and just look how Bey loves to work alongside Jay-Z.


Venus in Libra gives her a super diplomatic vibe, this is an individual that hates fighting – she probably couldn’t bear the Destiny’s Child controversy way back when, or any fall out with Kim Kardashian!

Moon In Scorpio values and needs privacy.

☆ Sun In VirgoMoon In ScorpioVenus In LibraLeo Rising ☆

Beyonce’s Birth Chart

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.16.38

Born 4th September, 1981 At 4.37am In Houston, Texas

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