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The Astrology Travel (and astrocartography) section of Star Sign Style aims to introduce you to the concept of Astro Mapping, also known as astrogeography, locational astrology and AstroCartoGraphy.

Remember that calculations aren’t really possible without an accurate birth time because the maps are based on your time of birth – within 5-15 minutes is ideal.

So, what’s needed is the time of birth and astro.com – read how to generate an astro map free online, here: https://starsignstyle.com/generate-astro-map-free-online/, or even better book a reading by emailing kimberly@starsignstyle.com, as the basic interpretations aren’t great and would need a bit of explanation and some context.

Astrocartography maps vs relocation charts…

AstroCartoGraphy is a strand of astrology devised by a guy called Jim Lewis that relocates your primary planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, and the nodes) and casts them over a map of the globe, reflecting how those planets would be relocated in your personal astrology on the astrological axis.

There are four axis points (ac, ic, dc, and mc) therefore you get more than 40 lines spread across a map of the earth.

My Map – Click To Enlarge!

Each line represents a different theme (i.e. Venus, love), and if you go to that particular place the planet would be theoretically aligned with your axis if you were to relocate.

What Is A Relocation Chart?

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A relocation chart on the other hand choses the location first (“I really, really want to live in LA“, for example) and adjusts the persons natal chart as if they were living there.

You will not necessarily find a significant difference moving to a new town, compared to aligning with your astrocartography map, because the astrocartography map makes those energies very strong in your experience – we hope!

Read more here – Relocation Astrology – What Is A Relocated Chart? Understand how relocation astrology is calculated and more about the purpose of charts for relocation.

My Astrology Adventure 

As a relatively unexplored area of astrology I wanted to understand more and experience the effects myself. So, I set off on my very own astrology adventure, which I now want to share with you!

I hoped that I could breathe new life into this ancient wisdom and share my findings with the world. Read My Story, here…

There’s a host of useful articles and resources to help you on your journey, and a collection of experiences from myself and others.

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