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Charlize Theron Astrology

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Charlize Theron was born under the lion’s sign, Leo.

Leo is a sign that’s confident, creative and warm hearted, and not only does Theron have her sun but also the moon and Mercury in this dramatic, expressive sign.

Venus was in the sign of Virgo, and Theron is also born with Virgo on the ascendant, perhaps gracing her with perfectionist tendencies, a highly analytical flair and a discerning approach.

She came to America young to pursue her acting career and won critical acclaim for her portrayal of the serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster (amazing), plus the Academy Award, a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress.

This is perhaps an actress best suited to gritty roles, with almost no planets in the water signs…

Venus sits in the 12th house close to the ascendant, so her beauty is channelled and expressed for a greater purpose.

The south node sits with Mars, perhaps alluding to the violence of the past, and Neptune sits in a wide orb to the IC, representing her father, the drunk…

charlize theron astrology August 7 1975 8.23am

Charlize Theron Born 7th August 1975 8.23am In Benoni, South Africa.

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