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Your Guide To The Planets – Unusual Uranus In Astrology…


It’s Where You’re Unusual…

Your Sergeant Oddball of the Solar System, Uranus is an unusual and surprising planet that prompts change through rebellion and radical shocks!

Made mostly of hydrogen and helium gases, Uranus orbits on a tilt. In our chart it describes where we are unique or different, which could be how we think, behave, or even how we look or sound unusual. It can be placed in the chart where we shock people and can indicate rebellious behaviour or dramatic changeability in ones character.

Uranus is a pretty disruptive and rebellious planet, its energy can be stubborn and wilful, thriving on change, shock and surprise. It embraces discovery and invention, technology, and anything that is different. It is anti-Establishment, and revolutionary. Uranian impulses can drive us to revolt, rebel, perhaps even reject our family.

Because Uranus is a slow moving planet, we can describe it as generational, which means a whole generation of people will be born under the same Uranus sign. Rather than evaluating someone based on their Uranus zodiac sign, astrologers will look where it lies within the birth chart and what aspects it’s making to personal planets, that is the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars etc.

Uranus Rules Aquarius

All of the constellations in the zodiac are ruled by one of the planets, and Uranus takes charge of Aquarius. This means that those born with Aquarius rising or the Sun in Aquarius will often strongly embody the characteristics of Uranus – rebellious or revolutionary, unconventional or unusual.

The Planetary Position Of Uranus In Astrology

☆ Uranus in Aries 1927-1934 ☆ Uranus in Taurus 1934-1942 ☆ Uranus in Gemini 1941-1949 ☆ Uranus in Cancer 1948-1956 ☆ Uranus in Leo 1955-1962 ☆ Uranus in Virgo 1961-1968 ☆ Uranus in Libra 1969-1975 ☆ Uranus in Scorpio 1975-1981 ☆ Uranus in Sagittarius 1981-1988 ☆ Uranus in Capricorn 1988-1996 ☆ Uranus in Aquarius 1996-2003 ☆ Uranus in Pisces 2003-2011 ☆ Uranus in Aries 2011-2018 ☆

Uranus Transits

A Uranus transit can turn your world upside down. Uranus prompts change and can be unsettling, depending on how you feel personally about planet Uranus, which can be indicated in the rest of your chart…

Under a Uranus Transit you might feel as if you can’t concentrate; you might not be able to eat or sleep! Under a Uranus conjunct natal Venus transit you could very well fall for an Aquarius…


Uranus In Astrology Is Unusual, Unconventional, Unexpected, Unpredictable And Uncooperative…


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