2022 Eclipses! Mark Your Calendar…

Times, Dates and More on the Eclipse Series of 2022...

There will be four Eclipses in 2022, two in May, one in October, and the final Eclipse in November.

Two of these see the Sun and Moon in the same sign as the Nodal Axis point (Partial Solar Eclipse, and New Moon moments), the other two are a Total Lunar Eclipse, as the Luminaries align more closely with the Nodes.

These two are Full Moons…

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1, Partial Solar Eclipse, May 2022

A Taurus New Moon at 10º28′ (conjunct Uranus at 14º32′).

  • Hong Kong: Sunday May 1st 2022, 4.28 am
  • London: Saturday April 30th 2022, 9.28 pm
  • New York: Saturday April 30th 2022, 4.28 pm.

The first eclipse of 2022 is a New Moon in Taurus, which is at ten degrees of the sign, while the North Node is at 22º28′.

Planet Uranus sits between these two points in the Zodiac wheel, at 14º32′, piquing our interest.

What’s more, the ruler of this lunation is an exalted Venus, exactly conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (27º), sextile the nodes.

At odds with the otherwise harmonious landscape-come-seascape is Saturn, at 24º15′ Aquarius, square to the nodes with a trine to Ceres, and sextile to Eris.

2, Total Lunar Eclipse, May 2022

A Scorpio Full Moon at 25º17′ (square Saturn in Aquarius 24º56′).

  • Hong Kong: Monday May 16th 2022, 12.13 pm
  • London: Monday May 16th 2022, 5.13 am
  • New York: Monday May 16th 2022, 12.13 am.

Next up, the Moon connects with the South Node then peaks in Scorpio, reaching its fullest phase; it’s Taurus Season, with the Sun’s ruler – Venus – trailing behind in Aries, now seen in a conjunction with Chiron.

The ruler of the Moon in Mars, now conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

During the last eclipse Venus was conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, this time our will and energy is subdued, directed in ways that are unknown to us just now. But looking ahead we might anticipate an interesting time to get ahead in ways that aren’t necessarily logical. Note too, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.

There has been little movement from Saturn in Aquarius, still square the Nodal Axis, pretty much to the degree.

Look for those with planets in the Fixed Signs between 22º–25º, who might be experiencing the most at this time…

3, Partial Solar Eclipse, October 2022

A Scorpio New Moon at 2º00′.

  • Hong Kong: Tuesday October 25th 2022, 6.49 pm
  • London: Tuesday October 25th 2022, 11.49 am
  • New York: Tuesday October 25th 2022, 6.49 am.

Not quite six months later, just after Scorpio Season begins, we have a New Moon in this sign.

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Interestingly, Venus is conjunct the Luminaries, peppering our intentions with hot seeds of desire. As we look ahead we might like to consider there is much that can shift and change; manifest with a readiness and openness to transformation. Lilith is trine the New Moon…

Mars has just passed a square to Neptune, with a grand trine in air: Mercury in Libra trine the mid-point of Saturn and Vesta in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini (a planet that will retrograde on October 30th, 2022).

4, Total Lunar Eclipse, November 2022

A Taurus Full Moon at 16º00′ (again conjunct Uranus at 16º56′).

  • Hong Kong: Tuesday November 8th 2022, 7.01 pm
  • London: Tuesday November 8th 2022, 11.01 am
  • New York: Tuesday November 8th 2022, 6.01 am.

Here we have our final furore, a Total Lunar Eclipse in the middle of Scorpio Season.

At this lunation we must leap into a round of applause for asteroid Ceres, who has neatly lined up to the Sun and Moon, in position in Virgo.

Kudos too to Mercury and Venus, sandwiching the Sun in Scorpio, all three having rolled over the South Node point, in what will perhaps be a purging process extraordinaire.

But, what most astrologers will want to heavily emphasise is Uranus, the true star of the show Exactly Conjunct the Moon in Taurus.

Here, halfway through Taurus, we get an undeniable chance to face all that’s been shaken – and continues to change – under this transit.

Read more about Uranus in Taurus, here.

Saturn, ever present in our skies, continues to hold strong in Aquarius, again square this Full Moon. Get used to him!

A final observation (though more will come), Mars has backtracked, retrograde to 25º (in fact he never made it to 26!) caught now in a square to Neptune and Jupiter – both backstroke in Pisces. 

More About The 2022 Eclipses…

The Orbit Of The Moon

The Nodal Axis reflects our Moon’s path – an ecliptic circuit through space.

It’s the farthest point from earth is termed astrologically as “the Nodal Axis”, and, as the Sun and Moon align with this invisible point in the skies (as in these charts and moments above), we see more poignant activity here on earth.

This what they look like: 

The North Node…. and the South Node.

As we look towards these moments in time – the Eclipses – and where they land in the Zodiac, we ascribe them a series of Eclipses.

2022 has those moments in a Fixed polarity: Taurus and Scorpio.

The Nodes move into this pairing on January 19th 2022; the North Node of destiny, fate and karmic experience will appear in Taurus, while the South Node will move backwards through Scorpio.

Note that the two houses of your horoscope where Taurus and Scorpio appear will be highly significant growth areas.

More to come in your horoscope!

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