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We know Keira Christina Knightley for her roles in big Hollywood blockbusters – Pirates of the Carribean, King Arthur and loads more.

Her first mega movie was Bend it Like Beckham, where the Aries actress played a football crazed tomboy.

So What’s her Star Sign Style?

Born on the 22nd of March, 1985 in Teddington, Middlesex, Keira arrived when the moon was passing though the early degrees of energetic, youthful Gemini.

There were lots of planets lined up in the constellation of the Ram, thus Keira is a super Aries:

☆ Sun in Aries ☆ Mercury in Aries ☆ Venus in Aries ☆ – That’s a triple threat!

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Head-strong, fiery, confident, bold and brash, Aries has a challenging and wilful spirit.

The Gemini Moon gives a social and light-hearted feeling, while Mars in Taurus is tenacious and unstoppable!

Keira has a noticable T-Square formed in her chart in the fixed signs, which might be the propelling energy behind her success – lucky Jupiter aspecting Pluto in determined Scorpio, coming into play with the steady Taurus.

Go Keira!


Keira Knightly’s Birth Chart

keria knightly astrology birth chart

Born 26th March 1985 Time Unknown In Teddington, UK

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