Celebrities With Mars In Taurus…

Janet Jackson, Via Flickr

Born when Mars was passing through the bull’s constellation and you’re unlikely to waste your precious time or efforts.

Driven by the underlying need for personal security, whatever is being pursued will consciously or subconsciously accomplish this goal, or acquire the means or status to do so.

Usually money or material assets meet drives of Mars in Taurus, and even those who are not materially oriented will like attaining tangible rewards.

Physical pleasure is also very often the goal of their pursuit.

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A Taurean influence gives these people an unyielding persistence, patience and determination, they’re also likely artistic.

Born with their energy planet under the zodiac sign of the bull they may well possess great physical strength and stamina, or at least have the capacity to develop them.

Singers With Mars In Taurus

Aries Mariah Carey ☆ Aries Celine Dion ☆ Aries Leona Lewis ☆ Virgo Michael Jackson ☆ Taurus Janet Jackson ☆ Gemini Lenny Kravitz ☆ Gemini Kanye West x Cancer 50 Cent ☆ Cancer Selena Gomez ☆ Cancer Debbie Harry ☆ Leo Madonna ☆ Leo Mick Jagger ☆ Leo Kate Bush ☆ Aquarius Robbie Williams ☆ Capricorn Sade Adu ☆ Pisces Kesha ☆

Actors With Mars In Taurus

☆ Aries Keira Knightly ☆ Aries Patricia Arquette ☆ Taurus Jessica Alba ☆ Cancer Tom Cruise ☆ Leo Jennifer Lawrence ☆ Pisces Bruce Willis ☆ Leo Charlize Theron ☆ Leo Robert De Niro ☆ Aries Lucy Lawless ☆ Aquarius Christian Bale ☆ Virgo Paul Walker ☆ Cancer Liv Tyler ☆ Gemini Courtney Cox ☆ Pisces Rachel Weisz ☆ Pisces Ellen Page ☆ Gemini Helena Bonham Carter ☆ Virgo Rose McGowan ☆

More Stars With Mars In Taurus

Capricorn Kate Moss ☆ Aries Miranda Kerr ☆ Andy Warhol ☆ Salvador Dali ☆ Muhammad Ali ☆ Rob Kardashian ☆

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