Fashion Astrology For Leo – Baroque Is Best, Byzantine Baby!

Leo Belongs In Baroque...

As the most dramatic sign of the zodiac, luscious Leo can carry the exaggerated details of this opulent and exuberant style with ease. 

The Baroque Style began around 1600 in Rome, Italy (a Leo city,) before spreading to the rest of Europe.

Made for aristocracy and those with power, baroque is woven into our culture as a way to impress and express riches and control.

Lesser mortals would shy away from this statement dressing; highly artistic, dramatic and grandiose, the style suits Leo so!

Leo’s Regal…

Born With Leo Rising

Dramatic, dazzling, generous, popular and warm, people born under the zodiac sign Leo have an affinity with the emblem of royalty, the lion. 

Regal touches come naturally to this sign.

Gold, bronze and rich hues are their lucky colours.

Crowning Glory!


Leo can add a regal touch with the addition of large, embellished earrings – dramatic and rich – and, Leo ladies can pop on a tiara or ornamental crown, not just on a special occasion.

This decoration communicates high status to the world, just in case they didn’t see luscious Leo coming…

Also good for those with moon and Venus in Leo

Cara Delevingne is fashion ROYALTY says Vogue… See her full horoscope here.

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Advice For Leo?

Let your status show with baroque touches, and perhaps a crowning accessory…


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