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Seize Your Solo Spotlight On The Full Moon In Aries…

Control issues, as Sun, Moon, and Pluto Square Up!

Cardi B, Libra With An Aries Moon…

The Full Moon in Aries peaks October 13th or 14th – depending on your Time Zone – at 20º14′ of the Zodiac Sign.

Luna will bloom in tension with Pluto (at 20º of Capricorn) but aligns with Jupiter (at 20º Sagittarius), with an incredible water trine in flow!

October’s Full Moon In Aries, Times Around The World…

  • Sydney – Monday 14th 2019 at 8.08 am
  • Hong Kong – Monday 14th 2019 5.08 am
  • London – Sunday 13th 2019 10.08 pm
  • New York – Sunday 13th 2019 5.08 pm
  • Los Angeles – Sunday 13th 2019 2.08 pm.

Overview Of This Aries Full Moon…

The Moon peaks in autonomous Aries, sign of the Ram; the Moon indicates our emotions or mood, and, the collective feeling of people. With this raw, intiating courage permeating, it’s a time to recognise where we’re being pushy, bold, intrepid, and independent. Where we’re seeking to go it alone and relish an experience, independently. 

Meanwhile the Sun, and the ruling planet of the Moon are in Libra: balanced, diplomatic, even. With such emphasis now on the sign of equilibrium and harmony, we’re also trying to keep a sense of fairness in hand. Our relationships and ability to strive ahead within partnerships is key.

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There’s tension at every Full Moon in the opposition and polarity created, this month between “me” and “we”, Aries and Libra; Q. what do I want, what works for us both, how can we compromise, play fair, and both feel that we’ve both won?

To top it off, we’ve Pluto creating a T-square; Pluto is the potent planet of control, violation, and underhand tactics. Therefore at this Full Moon we’ve got to consider there’s more going on than meets the eye… It’s no good simply celebrating our place in partnerships, without also thinking about the context of personal relations set against a bigger picture.

The Sun and Moon are both visible, both luminaries that we can see. Libra and Aries are both pretty straightforward signs – honest, clear, consice. Yet, with the presence of Pluto in Capricorn, there’s the overarching implications of real-world darkness, its consequences, and the manipulative, domineering side of life that’s being alluded to.

Control Issues: The Moon Pulls up in a perfect square to Pluto, as she opposes the Sun…

This is also pertinent with Venus and Mercury now in Scorpio, sign of depth and mystery; Mercury sextiles Saturn, allowing us to think with a bit more realism, practicality, and ambition. But the outlook is still laced with controlling sentiments, obsession, and even a splash of jealousy or suspicion.

Full Moon Trine Jupiter In Sagittarius…

There’s one very exciting aspect at this Full Moon, and it’s the trine between Moon in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This is a perfect 20º alignment in fire, allowing us to really shine a light on the progress we’ve made in 2019. The end of the year is rapidy approaching, and we’re two thirds of the way through this Jupiter in Sag transit. Where can we claim to have made headway? What’s now to be embraced and enjoyed? What independent quest or risk has paid off? What knowledge have we gained that’s been personally edifying?

All wonderful reflections for the Aries Full Moon, while remembering not to get into a battle over!

Full Moon In Aries, Rituals…

Selfie Sticks At The Ready!


“Me first!”, “No! Me, Meeeeee!”

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the newborn, the baby, the wailing red-faced attention seeker.

To Aries there is no-one else to consider ‘cos they’re ‘IT‘ – didn’t you know?!!

Being present and correct is actually a really good look on the Aries born (whereas procrastination and self-doubt suck!)

With the full moon in Aries it’s time for a personal moment – take that selfie!!

Stand in yourSELF confidently. Put yourSELF center front and forward and honor your lovely face NOW.

You don’t have to splash it all over Facebook or Insty but a decent ear to ear is gonna cheer you up on a gloomy day; keep it in your memory banks if you prefer.

Celebrate And Adore Thyself…

Full moons are a time of celebration!  (NOT a time for new beginnings – that comes after the new moon…)

Given this energy is all about shining a light on ‘Aries’ and the culmination of the last six months, it’s really time to honour and celebrate the sign.


Venus, Moon, Jupiter in Aries Star, Rihanna

We all have an inner Aries, just look at your personal natal chart to see where the ‘Aries’ in you falls. After all you might have an Aries moon like Pisces Rihanna or Libra Cardi B or Amber Rose, so it’s a wonderful time to honour your feelings.

Sun Libra / Moon Aries, Amber Rose

Wherever the moon may fall in your chart it’s colored with the joy of the Aries ram, full of hope, a seedling ready to sprout and push on through the toughest ground.

Beyond a selfie, it’s time to adore your inner warrior woman, your ability to persevere though adversity, to fight and win (an Aries / Mars trait).

Celebrate your uniqueness, adore every inch of you-you-you and channel Rihanna for extra fabulosity.

Have A Head Massage!

Emotions are way heightened during the full moon.

Luna is at the very peak of her cycle, shining maximum light on the world. With the moon bright in self-centered Aries do something special for YOU, consequences be damned.


You Take That Extra Time In The Bathroom My Dear…

Soothe away tensions or springs wound too tight, with a super duper head massage. If you can’t steal away to indulge then take 5 minutes extra out of your day to wash your hair with more attention to your temples than usual.

Or, if you’ve free rein knock yourself out and visit a spa! The sun is in beauty lovin’ Libra and totally approves…

Stand Up As A Pioneer, Be A Rebel…

Yes, Libra season is all about fairness, diplomacy and balance but with the full moon shining bright in Aries we can grab a fist full of independence and ardent courage!

Aries embodies the pioneering spirit, forging ahead with horns faced forward. Know you’re ‘rights’! Forget the wrongs, this is a time to show the world your truth.


Time to embrace your true passions and go loudly into the day. Beat that drum, announce it over a tannoy. Embrace confidence now and stand in the light of that full moon energy with clout.

Surprise Your Lover!

Yes, yes, it’s all about Aries – but wait! The light cast upon the moon’s silvery surface comes from the direction of Libra…

Could it be that there’s something to sharing, after all?

Spicy Truffles or Hot Ginger Cookies will work a treat! 

This full moon is about self, but also about looking outwards, into the mirror and to ‘other’. Your significant other could be your marriage partner, BFF, even a sibling or someone you see daily – a work wifey, business buddy or playmate.

Why not prepare a sweet treat to show you care and to celebrate?!

The moon is all about feeding and nurture so cook something spicy for your friend, indulge them with an exciting surprise or activity and let both your passions roll.

Remember the key-word, togetherness.

Celebrities Born During A Full Moon In Aries…

Cardi B, Amber Rose, Pavarotti, Heather Locklear, Fergie (Sarah Ferguson), Kelly Preston, Clémence Poésy and Davina McCall.

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