Leo Demi Lavato Astrology And Personal Horoscope…

Leo is known as the brave leader, the star among people – how does Demi live up to her lionhearted sign?

Born August 20th 1992, Demi Lovato is a Leo, with her sun and Mercury in the zodiac sign of the Lion. 

She was born when the Moon was passing through Taurus, and her Venus sign is Virgo…


Leo. So much heart, so much backbone.

Leo is known as the benevolent leader of the zodiac, a caring star among the people who (at their best) guide the masses with a loving hand.

I adore how Demi has shown true bravery – another Leo trait – releasing her sober song.

If the time of birth is roughly accurate, and Demi really is a Leo Rising star, she would be born with her vibrant, affirming sun in the first house of presence and physical appearances, putting an even greater spotlight on her solo feats – a role model.

Fixed Cross: leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus.

Two sides of the same axis: Leo and Aquarius govern the more extrovert side of the fixed modality. Taurus and Scorpio complete the square in fixed signs, and we see that Demi has planets in all four areas of the court. Her moon in the steady sensual Bull’s sign is positioned across from Pluto in Scorpio.

Depending on her birth time these two (moon and Pluto) could potentially be in close tension along her personal axis: the ascendant (rising sign) and midheaven points.

Demi has been open about her experience with bullying in the YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated, which is a possible outcome we can deduce of the tension between the moon and Pluto.

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It’s also public knowledge that Demi checked into rehab on November 1st 2010, following a fight with her dancer.

The transits at the time?

Neptune and Chiron were coming into an opposition with her sun; Neptune governs the arts and Chiron is one of the painful points in astrology, so this is a pretty fitting manifestation! Chiron was being triggered by angsty Mars in Scorpio, in Demi’s emotional fourth house. Along with Mars, the sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter were all in Scorpio. Interestingly, Demi’s relapse comes while Jupiter is in Scorpio once again.

Transformational Pluto and the north node were also in a meeting point with her natal Vertex point, a fated point in the personal horoscope, while disciplinarian Saturn was making an easy aspect to Demi’s Saturn.

Grand Earth Trine: Virgo, Uranus-Neptune, And Taurus.

Demi’s birth chart also boasts a grand trine in earth, made up of her Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo, the moon (and possibly the midheaven in Taurus), and the pairing of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, a signature of her generation.

As Pluto came into alignment with all three earth influences she became a judge on The X Factor, demonstrating her acumen in career matters and ability to work hard in her field.

Demi is known as a powerhouse, which is reflected in the harmonious alignment of Jupiter in practical Virgo, with Pluto in Scorpio, driven and resolute.

Demi Lavato Birth Chart

Demetria Devonne Lovato Born 20 August 1992 at 6.00 am in Albuquerque, New Mexico…

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