Let’s Take A Look At Libra Gwen Stefani – And Her Birth Chart…

The controversial figure (with Capricorn Rising) has Uranus conjunct her Sun!

Gwen Stefani’s Star Sign? Oh So Lovely Libra!

Born Gwendolyn Renee Stefani, ‘Gwen’ Stefani is a firm favourite of mine, and has been ever since she broke out the bindi’s and made unique fashion statements with her faux fur bras and baggy pants.

Not to mention she fronted a super cool No Doubt with her gorgeous band of boys and was just a perfect role model for us 90’s teens.

But, with Mercury Retrograde on her Capricorn Ascendant, we have to look at the singer with consideration of her tendency toward cultural appropriation!

As Pluto nears the end of its tour of her rising sign, she’s finally being held accountable for her part in adopting different styles to suit her…

So, What’s Her Astrological Makeup?

Gwen has a whole lotta Libra in her chart (see Gwen’s natal chart below).

She boasts the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus all in the zodiac sign that’s about beauty, harmony, relating and balancing.

Libra Gwen Via Flickr

Moon in Cancer makes her a nurturer, and comments she’s made to the press demonstrate how much she loves being pregnant and having babies. She has three boys: Kingston, Zuma (Nesta Rock) and Apollo (Bowie Flynn).

Like David Bowie, her Moon is conjunct her descendant (although Bowie has a Leo Moon). This is a very interesting placement for performers, who we might say look to their audience to ascertain how they’re feeling.

Sensitive and caring, she’s likely someone who confides easily in others, and in turn her fans may feel they know her. It’s a highly complex placement for the Moon, and we can’t help but note its exact square to Jupiter, and further planets in Libra (and opposition to the ascendant).

Business Mogul…

Capricorn Rising makes Saturn the chart ruler for Gwen. The star has Saturn in Taurus, with a trine to Mars in Capricorn, too. What a stand-out signature for the singer to turn her hand to beauty products! She’s made a fortune through perfumes, merch and more!

Mercury in Libra is interested in beauty, fashion and is well lent to penning all those songs about relationships!

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Venus in Virgo ruling her Libra planets hints at a practical undertone to her personality. Like Libra Kim Kardashian & Capricorn Rising Kylie Jenner – both who boast Virgo Venus, they can be truly meticulous, organised and ready to commercialise their beauty.

Mars in Capricorn widely conjunct the ascendant hints at Stefani liking to keep fit and stay in shape, often showing her abs. There’s a dynamic vibe and independence, so that despite her Libra impression, she actually goes her own way too. Before her breakup with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, she was keen to get back out on tour with No Doubt, saying she would employ nannies.

“I don’t think we should wait. Pack up the babies and get a bunch of nannies. So fun! Would be so inspiring to get out there and play all those songs again,”

November 23, 2008

Sadly this led to the employment of Mindy Mann and the end of her marriage.

How About Her Quirky Fashion?

With Uranus in Libra conjunct the Sun eccentricity is added to her presentation and signature style – a splash of genius too. Jupiter in Libra would sit atop the chart with the career focused Midheaven, carrying the public reputation of Gwen far and wide – always useful for a famous face!

It was when Uranus was trine her Sun that she dyed her hair blue (for the MTV Music Awards!)

D.I.V.O.R.C.E. & The Astrology Of Change.

The astrology of a break-up can oftentimes be indicated by the planet Uranus, coming along with sweeping change.

Gwen experienced a Uranus transit by opposition, as the planet passes over points in her chart as it moved through Aries. I previously wrote at the time:

While we’ve only just learned of the break-up between Stefani and Rossdale my guess is that this has been a long time coming, and it’s only just hit the headlines now, a lot later than when Uranus has its greatest impact, in terms of astrological timing.

It’s true, as Rossdale had a 3-year affair with the nanny. Urgh.

She is certainly not perfect, but I have a level of compassion for her!

Gwen Stefani’s Birth Chart…

Born 3rd October, 1969 at 2.09 pm, in Fullerton, California USA, via AstroTheme

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