The Ultimate Guide To Zodiac Makeup Style…

Love astrology?

Of course you do! And I’m sure, like me, you’ve noticed that there’s a ‘look’ to each of the star signs. While it’s very, very important to note the rising sign, plus the moon sign and Venus sign, it’s interesting to see how people born under the same sign lean into a look…

I’ve created collages with top tips by sign for a make-up look that wins!

Check out my thoughts on each of the zodiac signs…

Aries Makeup Style!

Taurus Makeup Style!

Gemini Makeup Style!

Cancer Makeup Style!

Leo Makeup Style!

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Virgo Makeup Style!

Libra Makeup Style!

Scorpio Makeup Style!


Sagittarius Makeup Style!

Capricorn Makeup Style!

Aquarius Makeup Style!


Pisces Makeup Style!


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