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Top 5 Tips To Work A Sagittarius Makeup Style!

Those born under the Sagittarius constellation can work a truly gorgeous makeup style, however this Jupiter ruled sign can get it oh so wrong too…

So, what are the top beauty tips for Sagittarius babes?

1. Fresh Faced First & Foremost!

Sagittarius? She’s sporty and looks fantastic with a fresh, natural look…

Sagittarius is the sign that gallops from one thing to the next, and suits a down to earth, invigorated look. Simple styles suit.

Bright, open eyes are their best accessory, however when they’re let loose on crimpers, hair dye and the eyeshadow palette all kinds of disasters can ensue.

Remember how the two Sagittarius stars Britney and Christina went OTT in the 2000s?!

Lest we forget…

Rather than overt, cartoonish fashions and crazy clown makeup stick to your simple self, Sagg.

2. Cherry Red


Sagittarius Celebrities (as above): Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Benson, Amanda Seyfried, Taylor Swift, Chanel Iman, Krysten Ritter, Hailey Baldwin, Katheryn Winnick, Sunny Mabrey, Anna Sophia Robb, Katie Holmes, Chrissy Tiegen and Jasmine Villegas.

A gorgeous red serves you well!

Sagittarius is the most gregarious, jovial and risk adverse sign of the zodiac and can wear a strong lip, when other zodiac signs fail…

This zodiac sign falls during the run up to Christmas when most of the fun parties are in full swing.

The season of cheer and goodwill, she suits a glossy, bright red lip, the color of Christmas.

3. A Pop Of Purple


Sagittarius is one of the only zodiac signs that can pull off outrageous color. Plum is particularly appealing…

4. Jet Set Babes Travel Light…

Remember, Sagittarius is the ninth sign of travel and adventure.

She loves to roam, joining in on a journey to a far off place or encouraging others to embrace life’s wonders – therefore she travels light!

Quite the gypsy, she rules over long distance travel, foreign lands, philosophy and adventure, truth seeking and truth speaking. She can be blunt but is so funny most don’t mind

A slick of liner and a dashing red is all she needs to leave others open-mouthed in her wake…

5. Pulled Back Pony

Like her animal rep the horse (or Centaur) her hair is best worn in a bouncy ponytail. Read Sagittarius Pony Tales…

Keywords: adventurous, carefree, fun, spontaneous, jovial, athletic, bouncy and optimistic.

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