Royal Family Astrology, Sign By Sign…

Let’s look at the twelve zodiac signs, and the astrological correspondences


A balsy, hot-headed sign!

  • Queen Elizabeth II had Mercury in Aries,
  • Lilibet has Moon in Aries…
  • Princess Eugenie is Sun-Mercury in Aries,
  • Princess Beatrice a Mars in Aries.
  • Princess Margaret – Aries Rising…


Taurus Sun:

  • Queen Elizabeth II,
  • Zara Tindall (15 May 1981),
  • Princess Charlotte (2 May 2015),
  • Prince Louis (23 April 2018),
  • Prince Archie (6 May 2019)

Taurus Moon:

  • Prince Harry, Prince Charles (eclipse)

Taurus Rising: Archie,

Venus in Taurus, Lady Diana…

Venus in Taurus:


Gemini Sun: Prince Philip, Lilibet Diana…

Gemini Moon: Archie

Gemini Rising: Queen Mother (with Mars, Neptune & Pluto in Gemini)

Gemini North Node: Harry, Lilibet. Zara Tindall Venus and Mercury in Gemini


Prince William (Cancer), Prince George (Cancer, Catherine (Cancer Moon)…

A protective sign of family, there is a lot of Cancerian energy running through the family!

Cancer Sun:

  • William (eclipse),
  • Diana (July 1st 1961),
  • Prince George (22 July 2013),
  • Camilla (17 July 1947).

Cancer Moon:

  • Kate Middleton (eclipse),
  • Prince William,
  • Princess Beatrice,
  • Princess Margaret,
  • Camilla.

Cancer Rising:

Venus in Cancer:

  • Lilibet Diana,
  • Princess Beatrice,
  • Princess Anne,
  • Camilla.

Mars in Cancer:


King Charles & Camilla – Leo Rising, Scorpio / Cancer Sun…

A regal sign, many of the Royal Family have an astrological signature in resplendent Leo…

Leo Rising:

Leo Sun:

Leo Moon:

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Leo North Node: Zara Tindall


Virgo Sun:

  • Harry (and Mercury in Virgo) born September 15th 1984.

Anne, Princess Royal: Moon, Mercury and Saturn in Virgo.


Libra Rising: Prince Edward, Princess Eugenie, Princess Anne.

Venus In Libra: Charles, Harry, Margaret

Libra Sun and Mars, Sarah Duchess of York (15 October 1959). Libra Moon: Zara Tindall


Scorpio Sun: Charles (and his Mercury)

Scorpio Moon: Andrew, the Queen Mother.

Scorpio Rising: Zara Tindall, Sarah Ferguson (plus Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio), George.


Sagittarius Family…

We would often see Lady Diana take her boys to a theme park, days out, skiing, on adventures!

Sagittarius Rising:

William and Diana

Mars in Sagittarius:

Charles, Harry…


Capricorn Rising Queen Elizabeth II, Cancer Rising Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Capricorn Rising Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex…

A serious sign of tradition, institutions, and austerity, conservative Capricorn is well lent to the notion of a Royal Family…

Capricorn Rising:

Capricorn Sun:

  • Kate Middleton, Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge

Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, Catherine & George, April 22, 2016…

Capricorn Moon:

  • George…

Prince Andrew has Mars, Venus and Saturn in Capricorn

Royals with Saturn in Capricorn: Louis (2018), Archie (2019), Diana (1961), Andrew (1960), Sarah Ferguson (1959), Princess Eugenie (1990), Margaret (1930),


Moon in Aquarius:

  • Princess Diana,
  • Prince Edward,
  • Princess Eugenie (Moon, Venus, Mars, North Node).

Aquarius Rising: Princess Beatrice.


Sun in Pisces:

  • Bloody Prince Andrew, with his Sun at 0º0’…. urgh creep – and Mercury!
  • Prince Edward (Sun, Mercury and Mars)
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